5 Reasons why God told Noah You have I seen righteous in this generation

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God told Noah You have I seen righteous before Me in this generation GE 7 1 Interesting that the world saw Noah as a wild men, a crazy men . Noah surely was not highly seen by most people in his society.

Very likely Noah was not accepted in people's churches or social gatherings as they saw him as someone that told tales and deceived the society in the which he lived. Yet God told Noah You have I seen righteous in this generation . Let us find out five reasons that made God tell Noah that he was righteous ?

1 Not unrighteous Noah saw his society as wicked

Noah saw that his society was wicked and corrupt from the leaders of his days to the lowest human being . Most people in Noah's time were unrighteous and only trusted what was accepted by the media of the day . Unrighteous brothers and friends all people followed what the great men of the day told them was truth . Whatever came out from the mouth of the leaders of the day was truth .

God is not unrighteous to forget kjv and God did not forget Noah in the ark as by faith . Noah saw that most people in his time only sought their own wellness and good and did not care about others . Noah saw that most people in his time were selfish, proud, unloving, uncaring. In fact the bible says GE 6 11 The earth also was corrupt befor eGod and was filled with violence

2 Not unrighteous Noah believed the truth and not men's hearts

Noah prefered to follow the truth than what people with diploma were saying . Sometimes people with diploma can tell the truth . Usually

LK 16 15 For that which is exalted among men is an abomination for God

The way of talking, what people respect and do not respect, how people say things, what they value in today's society is become abomination for God. If you can imagine that many women today value evil men, proud, men . Many women love men who are aggressive and liars and robbers and selfish . Can you imagine in which society we have come to ?

This was the society in which Noah lived in . As in Noah's days God is not unrighteous to forget kjv your deeds and see that you do not follow society . Noah did not care what was fashionable in his day Noah followed what was truth. How few people today follow what is truth . Even if told the truth most people rather follow their own wishes and prefer to distort the truth to a lie .

People today are unrighteous they will even go so far as to say there is not truth and lie regularly to make fun of the truth . Worse than that it is that no one talks about this no sermon, no preacher, no churches stands up and exposes that incredible evil . Noah new what was taught in his day yet Noah prefered to follow what the bible said .

Unrighteous brothers and friends builded up each other to follow society rather than truth and they preached in the flood . We see the same thing happening today. And it is only going to get worse, until God will send terrible judgments upon wicked humans that will have passed the boundary of God's patience .

3 Not unrighteous Noah did not follow crowds

Noah did not follow crowds Noah followed what God told him to follow, in fact the bible says

EX 3 2 You shall not follow a multitude to do evil .

GA 1 4 Who gave Himself for our sins that He might deliver us from this present evil world according to the will of God the father

Noah did not follow lies as following society knowing that it is contrary to the will of God is embracing the lie and becoming a liar . All honest people shall accept the truth all dishonest people will reject the truth . Noah did not follow crowds and the bible says that we are hated do be different . The unrighteous hate the good it is as simple as that .most people are afraid to be good as they are afraid of the hate .

MT 24 9 And you shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake

If you are a christian and you are not hated then you are not a christian . And you very likely are proud, dishonest and a mocker. As all humble, honest and sincere people are hated .

But because Noah loved the truth more than the applause of men, he was rejected by society . Unrighteous brothers and all people hated Noah and stopped laughing only when water came out from the sky and the earth

RO 1 25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie and served and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator who is blessed forever amen

4 Not unrighteous Noah loved God more than men's applause

Most people do everything to be accepted by society . They want to fit in and to have people love them . But

JA 4 4 Know you not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God

This world's history is all about loving truth and hating the lie . Many christians in the middle ages died terrible death because they loved the truth .

When debating with people we find out that some have gone so far into lying that they believe that what they are saying is truth . Unrighteous people love to lie

They might think unconsiously that they are preserving themselves , but they are destroying themselves . No lie is wirth it .

Many robbers and liars robbing in the suubways of our capitals are still poor . It doe snot pay to lie , it does not pay to rob others . It does not pay to be dishonest.

This is why many people in our world could be highly accepted and God can see their hearts , God can see they are dishonest .

Unrighteous brother ssisters and all liars will be destroyed . God can help you tell the truth and love truth, by faith Hs righteousness can transform you .

RE 21 8 All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire

5 Not unrighteous Noah had faith shown in his life

But following the truth Noah showed his faith in God that the flood was coming and that God could be taken at His word . No rain ever fell on earth at that time, yet Noah believed thet the world was wicked, Noah believed that his society went too far and had reached the limit of God's forbearance. Noah knew that the judgments of God were about to fall .

Incredible to see that Noah's society did not see any of that. They were so blind spiritually that they thought that all things were fine . This is what i see today when talking to people .I explain to them what is happening to the world and only they sometimes i see them opening their eyes . Some people think i am imagining things.

Noah seemed to be imagining things, yet God's judgments fell and very hard and every flesh died . Because of their pride, because of their selfishness because of their unloving character, because of their unbelief . They all died Will you die too in the soon falling judgments of God ?

Or will you follow truth and accept the little voice of the Holy Spirit in your heart ? Repeat after me Father God i pray that you forgive my sins, help me see what truth is and how wicked the world is today, help me walk close to you and be faithful to you until Jesus comes in the name of Jesus amen

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