5 reasons why darwinism is false young earth creationism is true

Updated: Aug 20

It's one thing to say evolution is true it is another to prove it . This religion has been mixed with scientific facts to make it appear true . Rat poison is ninety percent good food, yet the one percenr poison is what deceived the rat . Most people are not diligent enough to seek for themselves they take something as truth without checking .

They trust diplomas . Let us remember that God did not create diplomas. God never approved human diplomas . Young earth creationism follow the truth the holy bible Five reasons why young earth creationism is true

1 Young earth creationism The age

Creationism theory the earth was created in what bc The bible says that earth was created about six thousand years ago . If men have appeared on earth about 150 millions years ago . Taking into account that a generation is about forty years, Then there would be on earth today about 150 million person per square inch . That is a lot of people . In your house there could be 500 billion persons .

Quotes about creationism it proves that evolution cannot possibly be true as if men appeared on earth 150 millions years ago we should se graves of billions and billions of people who died since men appeared on earth

We should be able to see incredible civilisation that would have come out something like thousands of civilisations from hundreds of billions of people that lived since then . Where are the graves of the billions upon billions of people that supposedly died ?

Nowhere to be found Young earth creationism of the holy bible is the truth. Taking Adam and eve 6000 years ago we arrive at 8 billion people today just like the calculations tell is .

But because some scientific facts are mixed with the religion called evolution then millions of people are deceived . Science is what we can test, prove, demonstrate. The speed of rotation of the earth is science Why we can test, prove, demonstrate. The distance between earth and the sun is science why ? We can test, prove, demonstrate. What is the religious part ? It is

The big bang

Nobody has seen an explosion of has a video for it . This is a religions belief that things exploded ;If it was so then all the stars would be evenly spread out in the sky,.

Yet some parts of the sky have many stars, other parts of the sky have no stars. It proves that the big bang is false . Quotes about creationism Beware of false science the bible said in

1 TI 6 20 Avoiding science falsely so called

Also if there was an explosion then all the stars would be turning the same way according to the law of angular momentum . All object leaving a moving object need to turn in the same direction . Yet three of the solar system stars move in the wrong direction . Nine of the ninety one moons turn in the wrong direction Why ? If the big bang happened they would all be turning in the same direction

The transition from specie to specie

Nobody has ever seen an orange turn into an apple this is not science it is a religious belief. It is the belief in magic . As nothing can ever transform itself into something else. This is believing in hulk and superman . Very far from true science Young earth creationism is true science

2 Young earth creasionism The magic

Quoted about creationism say in the bible that God spoke and it cane to exist . God requires faith . Why because He wants us to trust in Him as a child does . There is ample proof in the bible that God and the bible are true it is called bible prophecy . Young earth creationism is the truth

God said

IS 42 9 behold the former things are come to pass and nex things do I declare before they spring forth i tell you of them

Can a human being say what will happen in 1000 years no ? Can any human say with exactness what will happen in 2000 years ? No

God can What doe sit mean it means

1 God is divine

2 God live sin the futur

3 God is the Creator and has the right to judge his creation

Can you explain the 1200 days, the 2300 years, the little horn, the angry horse, the loud cry, the end of probation, the 4 angels, the 3 angels message, the 4 beasts of revelation 13 No you cannot ? It is because you are judging the bible without having read it precisely and with open heart . Why not now tame time everyday and with open mind unbiased heart read and study bible prophecy ? It is the proof that God exist

I counsel you to read these books

1 Amazing facts bible studies

2 Daniel and the revelation Urah Smith

3 The great controversy Ellen g White

4 The seer of patmos Haskell

Things don't pop up into existence for no reason, out of nowhere, from nothing . Evolution or natural selection and mutation have no brain , no thought no planning Unless something is planned it cannot exist .

3 Young earth creationism The mixing

People trust human beings and society . The bible says to beware of society and their teachings as many people do not have the truth and you can be misled into lies .

LK 16 15

What is highly esteemed among men is abomination is the sight of God

Sadly many people follow the fashions of the day You need to follow the truth, follow your conscience, and follow what the bible says . There is a good reason why God sent us the bible . Young earth creationism is the bible truth

If there was no danger in society and with what is esteemed in this world. God would not have given us the bible . The reason why God sent us the bible is because our hearts are

JE 17 9 The heart is deceitful above al things and desperately wicked who can know it

Do not trust your heart and feelings, impressions and thoughts .

Did you know Satan can give you impressions and feelings . Many people are led by Satan and do not know it . Only those who follow the bible are lead by God . Quotes about creationism the bible says not to follow a multitude to do evil . The truth is the bible Jesus is the way the truth and the life JN 14 6 Creationism theory the earth was created in what bc 6000 years bc

4 Young earth creationism Following society

Usually the crowd is wrong if you follow them you will fall into the ditch with them . It is interesting to see that humans are not better than animals, when a pig falls into the cliff all pigs follow the pig that fell and they all die .

When i take the plane , when the plane arrives, usually there is a wait time before them open the door of the plane. On top of that we also wait after until the luggage arrives . I am almost always the only one sitting when the plane arrives.

And i see all these people standing up . What point is there to stand up if we are going to wait ten mor eminutes. Bus as one person stand sup all people in the plane follow the example .

Young earth creationism tells is that evolution is a religion it is a cult it had three gods natural selection, mutations and time . These things were created by God to preserve species . They are not to be worshipped as creators like evolutionists do . Unless God had created natural selection we would not be able to live through temperature changes .

Natural selection is a mechanism without a brain or feelings or planning that God made for us to adapt . It is not God it does not create anything . Quotes about creationism say that soon many people will mock the bible and mock the fact that God destroye dthe world with a flood. Sadly the history will repeat itself .

Most people to died in the flood because of unbelief . Now most people will be destroyed by fire . Not that God wants to destroy but we all chose our own destiny . Creationism theory the earth was created in what bc the bible says that Adam was the beginning of creation it was 6000 bc

5 Young earth creationism The complexity

Evolution theory is really the belief in magic Atheists believe things arrive from nothing and become extremely complex for no reason out of nowhere out of nothing . Can a rock and a tree create a castle ? Can a piece pf metal create an ferrari ? No Well that is exactly what atheists believe . They believe that from a random piece of something like a tree houses a re created . Young earth creationism teaches the truth

Human and animal houses . Why ? They do not know How ? They do not know .They say it is small changes, but who makes those changes ? The only reason why atheists believe in evolution is because they see small changes in species. Small changes is not evolution it is just adaptation . Adaptation is not evolution it is just adapting . There are small cats big cats, but they remain cats . Atheists say they become elephants.

This is where atheism is the believe in magic . Why not follow the truth and accept the bible ? Repeat after me Father God help me to remove evolution from me help me to believe in the truth and examine the truth that you have created the universe . Forgive my sins give me your righteousness by faith and help me to walk with You everyday until Jesus comes in the name of Jesus amen

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