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Do you know the book of 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicle sin the holy Bible We use question answer form It is an easy way to learn 1 Chronicles holy Bible King james version and

and 2 Chronicles holy Bible old testament

 1 ch ch 1
     Who did cush begat? Nimrod.became mighty on earth Who are the sons of israel ? Ruben Simeon Levi Judah  Issachar Zebulun Dan Joseph Benjamin  Naphtali Gad Asher 
     Who was firstborn judah? Er evil God slew him 
     1 ch ch 4
     What did jabez ask God that God granted? To bless him and enlarge his coasts and keep him from evil 
     What did the sons of Simeon do? Find good pasture smote the amalekites to dwell there 
     1 ch h 5
     What did children of manasseh? Evil worshiping idols 
     What did God do? Send  Pul  tiglathpilezer from assyria deported to river gozan assyria 
     1 ch ch 6
    Who executed priest office solomon Temple ? Azariah 
    1 ch ch 10
    Who slew saul and Jonathan? Philistines in mount giboa
    Who died with saul? His 3 sons his whole house Who dwelt in cities of israel 
     why? Philistines israel fled Where was saul buried? Under oak jabesh
     What happened in jabesh ? Levite and concubine 
     1 ch ch 11
     What did david say to take jebus? Whoever smitea jebusites shall be chief captain 
     Who took jebus? Joab
     what did jashobeam? Slew 300 one time Who was eleazar? One of the 3 mighty
     Who was brother of joab? Abishai 
     What did jehoiada? Slew 2 lion-like men and 1 lion in pit snow dayEgyptian 5 cubits high 
     Who was of the valient men ? Uriah the hittite 
     1 ch ch 13
     Where was the ark of God ? Kirjathjearim 
     What was the place where uzza was killed? Pereuzza 
     Who sent david timber and people to build a house? Hyram Tyre 
     Who David asked before going to war? God
     What did God tell David the 2 time ? Go not to war to to mulberry tree when hear sound top of tree  then go
     1 ch ch 16
     What did God not suffer to do? Wrong to his people when abroad and prophets no harm
     1 ch ch 17
     What did God tell Nathan to tell david? Go build me an house 
     Why? For I have not dwelt in an house house since I brought up israel
     What would God not do to david ? Not take his mercy from him What did david answer God? 
     Who I'm I and what js my house ?Also? Thou hast regarded me according to the estate of a man of high degree What does his do forever! 
     What God blesses is blessed forever 
     1 ch ch 18
     Who did david fight with ? Philistines gath, moab, haddarezer king zobab
     How many syrians david killed when they came help haddarezer? 22000
     Who asked of david s welfare?  Tou King hamath s son  Hadoram
     Who slew edomites valley of salt? Abishai 18000
     1 ch ch 19
     Who did david send messengers comfort? hanun son of nahash  king amon
     What did they do? Shave heads cut garment to buttocks  messengers said came spy land 
     What did david say ? Tarry jericho till beard grown they were greatly ashamed 
     What did hanun king amon? Hire chariots battle 
     Who was chief army? Joab saw battle was front behind 
     What did joab do ? Sent abishai brother against amon whoever stronger help weakest 
     What did syrians do? Flee amon also fled 
     What did syrians do ? Call help in Syria 
     What did david do? Slew 47000 syrian
     What did haddarezer do? Make peace 
     What did syrians do? Not help amon anymore 
     1 ch ch 20
     What did joab do? Fight  syrians unto rabbah 
     what did david do? Took crown from amon king 1 talent silver 
     Who did israel fight 3 tines ? Philistines in gath 
     who was there ? A man with 24 fingers 
     Who was from gath? Goliath 
     Who slew 24 finger giant? Jonathan David's brother
       1 ch ch 21
       Who provoked israel? Satan to number people
       From where to david wanted number? Beershaba to dan 
       Who tried refrain david! Joab said are they not all my Lord's servants 
       Who did joab count not why? Levi and Benjamin because word was abominable to joab
       Who did God call to bring message? Gad seer 
       Which message was given?  3 years destroyed 3 month famine 3 days the sword of the Lord even the pestilence  in the land
        What did david say ? Let me fall into the hands of the Lord for great are his mercies
        How many fell when god sent pestilence ? 70000
        Who did God send to destroy jerusalem ? The Angel of the Lord 
        What did david see? The Angel of the Lord sword drawn between heaven and earth 
        Who and what did the angel of the Lord say? To gad to david set altar ornan jebusite 
        How much did david give ornan ! 500 shekels gold
        1 ch ch 23
        How many work house of -God ? 26000
     How many officers judges? 6000
     How many set as porters? 4000
     How many set to praise God ? 4000
     Who did david set as musicians? Asaph Heman Jeduthun
     What were they to do? Prophesy with harps  psalteries and cymbals 
     How many sons Jeduthun had? 6 who prophecied harp to give thanks and to praise  the Lord How many children of heman praised God ? 14 
  How many altogether praised God in Temple? 288
     1 ch ch 27
     Why did joab did not finish counting? Because the wrath of God fell Who was David's uncle ? Jonathan a wise man a scribe
     Who was David's counselor? Ahithophel
     2 ch ch 28
     Why did david tell israel to keep gods commandments ? To keep and leave this land to inheritance 
     What did david tell solomon? That God searches all heart and the imagination of the thoughts 
     2 ch ch 29
     What did david pray ? All riches honour  come from thee what are we to offer so willingly al things come from thee and of thine own hand have we given thee
     2 ch ch 1
     What did God to david? Be with him and strengthen him exceedingly Where did solomon s horse came from ? Egypt 
     2 ch ch 2
    mWhat did huran king tyre told David? Because God loved his people he has made you king 
    2 ch ch 3
    Where did solomon start build house of God? Mount moriah 
    What happened I. Mount moriah? God appeared to david threshinfloor of ornan
     What is threshinfloor of ornan? Where angel stayed his hand after david numbering a barn like Jesus birth 
     where altar was set kindly offered it free 
     2 ch ch 4
     What was under the molten sea in temple? 12 oxens 
     How many lavers tables candlesticks did solomon make? 10 each 
     2 ch ch 6
     How did solomon start prayer dedication temple ? There is no God like thee who keeps covenant and shows  mercy for those who walk before thee with all their heart 
     2 ch ch 7
     What happened when solomon finished praying for the temple dedication? Fire came down from heaven consumed sacrifice the glory of God filled the house 
     What did the people do when fire came down ? They bowed to pavement worshipped saying for he is good for his mercy endures forever 
     What did God tell solomon after fire came down ? If my people who are called by my name 
     2 ch ch 9
     What did all kings earth seek? The presence of solomon to hear wisdom
     Where are the rest of solomons acts written? Nathan Abijah Iddo prophets
     How long did solomon reign ? 40 years 
     2 ch ch 10
     What sentence rehoboam answered the jeroboam and israel? My little finger is thicker than my father s loin
     What causes rehoboam to answer evil?  God as spoken by prophet Ahijah to jeroboam Who did rehoboam send to get tribute? Hadoram 
     who was stoned 
     2 ch ch 11
     How many wives and concubines did rehoboam.have? 18 wives  60 concubines he loves Maachah absalom daughters above all 
     2 ch ch 13
     Where did Abijah stand foggt jeroboam? Mount zemaraim
     Was his message right ? God gave kingdom to david forever no because it was from God 
     How many wives did Abijah had? 14 and 38 children's
     Where is Abijah story written ? Prophet iddos book 
     2 ch ch 15
     What does God do according to our actions? The Lord is with you if he be with Him and if ye seek Him He will.be found of you 
     What has israel been for long time ? Without the true God or priest or law
     who did vex people wish all adversities? God What was in those times ? No peace but great vexation.
      What did israel do at that time ? Make covenant to seek God with a their heart and soul 
      What would happen to those who would not seek God? They were out to death 
      What did God give them? Rest round about 
      What happened because king asa did good? There was no more wars
      2 ch ch 16
      Who gave asa a message? Hanai the prophet
      What did hanai told asa? Because you have replied on Syria so Syria is escaped 
      What do the eyes of God do? Go to and fro on earth to show Himself strong for him who s heart is perfect unto him 
      What did prophet Hanai say? You have done follishly will.have wars
      what did asa do? Put Hanai in prison 
      What happened to asa 39th year of reign? Diseases feet
      What did asa do? Sought physicians and not the Lord 
      2 ch ch 17
      How did God bless Jehosaphat because he did good? Riches and  honour in abundance
      What did God also do? The fear of the Lord fell on kingdoms around so that they did no war against Jehosaphat
      2 ch ch 18
      What did had said Jehosaphat did not agree? Ahab said micaiah prophesied bad into me jehosaphat said let not the king say so 
      What did the kings messengers tell micaiah to say? Tell good 
      What did micaiah answer? What will my God say I will speak
      2 ch ch 20
      What did God to destroy moab and amon? They turned against each other 
      What did Jehosaphat do? His army too so much spoil and riches and precious jewels  it took 3 days to gather it was so much Who prophesied against jehosaphath? 
      Why?  Eliezer Because he joined israel king Ahaziah to make ships to tarshish
      2 ch ch 21
      Who did Jehosaphat son jehoram mary? Ahab s daughter 
      Which message came from Elijah? Because jehoram not walked as his father Jehosaphat and  slained brethren better than he and idolatry great plague come people and bowels disease 
      Who was not buried in sepulchre of the kings? Jehoram 
      2 ch ch 25
      What did Amaziah do? Gather army
      What did man of god say? God is not with you God has power to help and cast down 
      What did Amaziah say? I gave 100 talents
      What did man of God say? God is able to give you much more 
      2 ch ch 28
      What happened when. Israel won wat against judah ? Prophet Oded said don't take captives as gods wrath is great 
     What did ahaz king israel do? Give money assyria which helped him not 
     2 ch ch 29
     What did God do because israel worshipped idols? He delivered them to trouble astonishment hissing 
     2 ch ch 30
     What happened when. Letters sent all.israel to repent ? They laughed them to scorn 
     2 ch ch 32
     What did Hezekiah against sennacherib? he stopped wells of water 
     How did hezekiah talked to the people ? Be not frais of multitude there be more with us than with them with them arm of flesh with us is the Lord to fight our battles 
     How did God help israel ? He sent angel that slayed all.mighty men?Why was there wrath against hezekiah? Because he was ungrateful 
     What did hezekiah do? Humble himself for the pride of his heart 
     What did Hezekiah have? Exceeding much riches and honour 
     2 ch ch 33
     What did God to manasseh? He send him prison Babylon 
     What did manasseh? Humbled himself greatly God sent him back jerusalem 
     2 ch ch 35
     Who spoke though Necho king egypt? God
     what did he say? God told me not to fight with you What did josiah? He disguised and went to fight against the word of God through Necho
     What other times God spoke though pagans? Abraham wife , jethro, wise men, Tyre king , queen sheba, philosophers, constitution,  cyrus,, Elijah anoint Hazael,  assyria, joseph pharaoh, 
     Where did josiah went figgt? Megiddo2 ch ch 36Who changed kings in israel? Egypt king changed Jehohahaz for Eliakim 
     who he renamed Jehohiakim Jehoiachim 
     Jehohiakim s son reigned how long? Was 8 reigned 3 months did evil Who nebuchadnezzar put in this place? Brother Zedekiah
     What did Zedekiah? Humble not himself before Jeremiah 
     Who stirred up cyrus spirit? God 
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