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Christ our righteousness Ag Daniel's quiz 1

Christ our righteousness Ag Daniel's quiz

When we empty ourselves, what should we do? Accept the righteousness of Christ

Which words apply to the sda church? You have left your first love

Life's tragedies grieve? It is reported that they let Christ be sought as the great comforter and deliverer

Why is our sinful depraved nature presented? That Christ may be appealed to for purification

and can? Be indeed Christ our righteousness

What does each phase of truth in the sacred volume point to? Somehow to Christ as our righteousness

What is a lot in the Bible? Christ our righteousness

What does the Bible say? It is the source its nature the possibility of being obtained by sinners

To whom does justice belong? To God

Then 9 7? Justice belongs to you God and confusion of face to us

In what is God righteous? In all his ways ps 145 17

What is God's justice like? The great mountains ps 36 6

How long is God righteous? An everlasting righteousness ps 119 42

What does God love? Justice ps 11 7

What does God have? No injustice

What is the opposite of sin? 'the nature of justice

What is it associated with? Holiness godliness

awake to? Righteousness and sin not 1 co 15 34

If we love righteousness, what shall we hate? Injustice

Justice is the opposite of? Sin

Who is the source of justice? God

Is justice inherent in human nature? None

We are ? Carnally sold under sin

Are we full of that? Injustice

What is human nature full of? Injustice

What did Jesus call Abel? righteous Abel

What does Paul say about Abel? He received testimony that he was righteous

What did the Lord say about Noah? I have seen you righteous before me in this generation. Give 7 1

Noah was a? Righteous men and perfect in their generation and Noah walked with God ge 6 9

Abraham believed? God, and it was imputed to him for righteousness 4 3

And delivered righteous Lot? Sore grieved at the licentious life of the wicked, because righteous men who dwelt among them in seeing and hearing tormented his righteous soul from day to day with their lawless deeds 2 pe 2 7,8

What were Zacharias and Elizabeth like? They were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord, blameless lk 1 6

On what conditions?

The only way justice can be achieved by sinful men? By faith

How are they supposed to live? By faith

What does the gospel reveal? God's perfect justice

How is justice expressed? Without the law

From what the law cannot free us? Sin

The law points? To sin

But the law doesn't? Free from sin

What does the law declare? All the world guilty before God

No effort from the culprit? Can cancel his guilt or bring justice

That justice declares paul? Is by faith

What is man filled with? All injustice

If Abraham was justified by works? He had to boast, but not to God

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