3 End time bible prophecy part one

Updated: May 4

What should you as a Bible student focus your attention on? Jesus ministry What is Jesus doing today ? We are going to learn in this page

What is the book of Hevrews about ? The whole book of Hebrews is about the work of Jesus today for you and for the world . What is Jesus ministry in the sanctiary? Is Jesus work in the sanctuary a good or a bad thing ? When we take into contaxt that Jesus said

1 End time bible prophecy

2 Jesus ministry in the sanctuary

3 End time day of atonment

3 End time bible prophecy part 1

1 Five virgins were foolish Fifty percent of the women that knocked to enter heaven were refused entrance. We know that at least fifty percent of the christiand that trid to enter heaven wer etold

I do not know you

Jesus even told them

Depart from Me you who work iniquity

Further we learn that Jesus said As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be when the Son of men comes What happened in the days of Noah ? Jesus ministry in heaven explanation Only eight person were saved and millions died The end time day of atonment revealed

If we take the same ratio it means that only a few persons living today shall make it to heaven In a ratio of six billion people we have only a few thousands of millions will go to heaven and the great majority of people living on earth today will burn in hell End time Bible prophecy explained

What did Jesus say when He was baptised

The time is fulfilled

Which time was fulfilled?

The time of the daniel 9 prophecy that says

Sixty nine weeks and Mesiah shall be anointed

Gabriel states further in Daniel 9 From Jerusalem rebuilt

Which was 457 BC To Messiah is 69 WEEKS

By 30 days As each day in Jewish calendar has 30 days is


Jerusalem rebuilt 457 BC plus 483 YEARS IS AD 27

When was Jesus baptised ? AD 27

We see that this work of Jesus is central to end time Bible prophecy

As what happend after Jesus finishes this work?


Why hasn t Jesus returned ? Because Jesus ministry in the sanctuary is not finished

Why haven t the mark of the beast and the seven last played being poured out yet ? Because Jesus work in the sanctuary has not yet been finished

What is the end time day of atonment ? The original work of the sanctuary ot understand end time Bible prphecy had two parts to it. One part was the daily work in the which was the forgivness of sins for the people individually. The other part of the end time day of atonment we learn from the early sanctuary was that once a year there was a cleansing of sins of the whole nation

1 End time bible prophecy we can see that end time Bible prophecy has as its center the work of Jesus which when finished He will comenback on earth to take His people home

Jesus ministry in the sanctuary is center to the end of the world The end time day of atonment is when the memory of sins is forever bloted from the sanctuary

2 Jesus ministry in the sanctuary is revising the thoughts actions and deeds of all humans from the creation of the world End time Bibme prophecy deals greatly in the book of Hebrews and the book of revelation on the issue of Jesus ministry in the sanctuary From where your destiny lies

3 End time day of atonment is the cleansing of the memory of sins forever If the cross was only what what was needed, then Jesus would have rested and not entered the heavenly sanctuary Jesus mministry in the sanctury works ot celasne your sins and make you ready for heaven

Are you ready for Jesus to return ?

Are you ready for Jesus to take you home ?

Does your character and personality have defects like pride, selfishness, apathy, apparence of seriousnes ? If yes then you cannot ente rheaven in such a condition and mar heaven for everybody

Why not study the work of Jesus in the sanctuaty and end time bible prophecy more fully to be ready for heaven and know what does the Lord require of you ?

Jesus loves you

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