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Book of acts questions and answers king james version

Acts concentrate 
book of acts questions and answers king james version
Paul cities 

Damascus : Jews sought kil, basket night
Jerusalem : Greeks sought kill him
Cesarea: Cyprus bas jesus, deputy Sergius paulus , 
Antioch: Sabbath almost whole church, expelled coasts 
Iconium: City divided jews and gentiles wanted stone them left
Lystra: Gods, jews stone, paul as dead
Philipi: Divination , pagans, prison, earthquake
Tessalonika: jews, lewd fellows city uproar, assault jason house, paul left night 
Berea: noble , tessalonika jews stirred people 
Athens: aerophagus
Corinth: jews opposed blasphemed, many believed, 18 months , insurection one accord against paul judgment , much people 
Ephesus : well received , diana of ephesians 
Grèce:. Jews lay wait
Jerusalem: warned 3 times not to go, help, tumult 

Ac ch 1 book of acts questions and answers king james version To whom luke was writing? Theofilus When did Jesus tell them they would be baptised by holy Spirit ? Not many days hence How far mount olive to Jerusalén ? A sabbath day journey or half a mile How many disciples were they then ? 120 How is judas field called? Aceldama ,the field of blood Where was it prophesied judas would die ? Ps69:25 What does judas prophecy say ? Habitation desolate, bishiprick another take ' Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein: and his bishoprick let another take.' Who appointed apostles ? Joseph called Barsabas surnames justus. And matthias Who was chosen ? Matthias Ac ch 2 book of acts questions and answers king james version When Did holy Spirit fall? Day pentecost What time was it? Third hour of the day Where did joel say daughters prophesy ? Jo 2:32 How many souls were added one day ? 3000 Ac ch 3 When did peter john went temple pray ? 9 th hour At which gate sat lame men? Gate beautiful Where did people do wondering at miracle? Solomon s porch What happened to those would not hear that prophet Jesus ? Destroyed From which prophet Jesus was foretold? Samuel

Ac ch 4 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary How many believed ? 5000 Who was gathered st jerusalem? Annas, caiaphas, john, alexander Why did people marvel looking at peter and john ? They were unlearned , they took knowledge they been with jesus How old was man miracle made? More than 40 Who placed money apostles feet? Jose's surnamed Barnabas , levite of cyprus Ac ch 5 How many hours after ananias died his wife came in? 3 hours Which pharisee defended apóstoles ? Gamaliel Which fast prophet rose up before Jesus ? Theudas How many followed him? 400 Who else ? Judas of Galilée When ? In days of taxing Ac ch 6 Which murdering arose? Grecians against hebrews Why? Their widows neglected daily ministration Who did they chose to serve tables ? Stephen, philip, prochorus, nicolas proselyte antioch Who did great signs and wonders among the people? Stephen Which synagogues disputed with stephen ? Libertines, cyrenians, alexandrians, cilicia, asia What did they do to stephen?. Brought him to council speaks blasphemous against this place and the law Ac ch 7 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary Where did abraham dwell after leaving shinar? Charan How big joseph family came egypt? 315 souls Another name for Charan? Haran Where is haran ? City in turkey From whom abraham bought sepulchre? Emmor father sychem Ac ch 8 What happened after persecution jerusalem ? All scattered except apóstoles Where did philip went to peach ? Samaria all gave heed Which certain men was in samaria? Simon magus What was his name? The great power of God How was simon magus spirit ? Gall biterness, the bound iniquity Where did the angel of the Lord told philip to go ? Way jerusalem to gaza desert Who was queen ethiopia? Candace How did philip left ethiopian! Spirit took him Where did philip arrive ? Azotus Where is azotus? Ashdod 32 km south tel aviv

Ac ch 9 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary Where did saul see light ? Damascus Whom God asked open eyes paul? Ananias Where did paul live ? House of judas Which street ? Called straight What did paul after receiving sight? Ate, Abode disciples damascus, preach synagogue right away What did jews? Guard gate to kill saul went down basket wall Who told disciples jerusalem not to be afraid of Saúl ? Barnabas After jews tried kill paul jerusalem where did he. Go ? Caesarea, tarsus Where is caesarea , joppa? Caesarea north tel aviv., Joppa south , Lydda East Who did paul heal Lydda? Bed ridden 8 years aenas Which was dorcas name which city ? Tabitha in joppa What is nigh joppa? Lydda Where did paul stay in joppa? Simon tanner Ac ch 10 What time angel came to cornelius ? 9 th hour Where did peter see the sheet vision ? Joppa Ac ch 11 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary How many times God sent vision to peter? 3 times How many men came to peter, from where ? 3 men from caesarea Why did peter go? The Spirit said doubt nothing Who went with peter ? 6 men What happened as peter spake? The holy Spirit fell upon them Where were disciples first called chrisrians? Antioch Where is antioch? Turkey syria Which prophet said there would be dearth ? agabus What is dearth ? Situation where food short supply When did dearth come ? Days claudius caesar Who sent relief those judea? Barnabas and saul Ac ch 12 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary Who stretched out his hand against church ? Herod Who was killed? James brother of john with sword Who did he take also? Peter Why ? It oleased the jews When was it ? Days unleavened bread Where peter arrived release prison ? House mary mother john surnamed mark

Which damsel heard peter knock? Rhoda What did herod found peter escaped? Killed keepers With whom herod highly displeased ? Tyre sidon What did herod next? A speech died because of pride Why did God kill him? Because he gave God not the glory Who did barnabas and paul take journey with? John surnamed mark Ac ch 13 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary Which prophets were in Antioch ? Barnabas, simeon called niger , lucius of cyrene, manaen, saul What did the holy Spirit tell them? Separate to me saul and barnabas Where were they sent ? Selucia , cyprus Where is selucia? Southernest point turkey and Syria Where did they preach word of God ? Salamis Where is salamis? Cyprus Where did they go next ? Paphos Who was in Paphos? False prophet bar jesus Where is Paphos? City of cyprus Who was deputy of the country? Sergio's paulus What did he ask ? Hear Paul and barnabas Who wistood them? Elymas the sorcerer Where did they go next ? Perga in pamphylia Where is perga ? 15 km of antalya turkey From perga to ? Antioch How many nations destroyed in canaan? 7 nations How long did God gave jews judges ? 450 years Until when ? Samuel the prophet Which tribe was king Saúl ? Benjamin How many years rule? 40 What did jews do? Expell them from their coasts Where did they go next? Iconium Ac ch 14 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary What is Iconium today? Konya What happened in aconitum? Part believed some not What happened next? Tried stone them Where did they flee? Lystra and derbe. Where is lystra and derbe ? Close Iconium What does lystra means ? That disolves or disperses

What happened lystra ? They called Barnabas júpiter and paul mercurius Who wanted to make sacrifices? Priest júpiter What happened next? jews came and stoned Paul Where did they go next ? Derbe Wjere is derbe ? Close gaziantep Wjere fid they go next ? Pisodia, pamphylia Where is pisodia? Close Iconium Where is pamphylia? South anatolia Wjere went next ? atalia or antalya today Ac ch 15 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary What said some men from judea? Except circumcised What did apostles? Go jerusalem about question Where did they stop ? Phoenicia north Syria What to abstain from ? Blood, fornication , idols, things strangled Whom did apostles send antioch about circumcision ? judas, Silas What were judas and Silas? Prophets Who paul chose as partner after dispute? Silas Who did barnabas choose? Mark Where did barnabas go? Cyprus Where did paul go? Syria, cilicia What happened after paul went phyrgia? Holy Spirit forbade them preach in Asia Where did they go next? Mysia, Where is mysia , bytjinia? South istambul Where did they want go next? Bithynia Spirit forbade them Assayed? Try to be done After mysia where went ? Ttoas Where is troas? South istambul in mysia What happened next? Paul dream go macedonia Grèce Which 2 cities. next? Samothracia neapolis

Where are they ? Samothrace island neapolis greek city coast Where next ? Philipi chief city mecedonia What did apostles philipi? Worship next river sabbath , rebuke divination demon Then what ? Brought Paul.magistrate rent clothes best them, put in jail What next? At midnight esrthquake opened the gates , saved jailor Ac ch 17 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary Where did paul and Silas pass? Amphipolis, apollonia Where are these cities?close Tessalonica What did paul do Tessalonica? 3 sabbath days preached synagogue What did the jews? believe not, set city uproar , assaulted house jason where they dwelt What jews did next? Bring jason to rulers, ac 17:7 'these all do contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, one Jesus.' What happened next? Brethren sent paul by night berea What did jews there ? more noble Tessalonica received word all readiness Where is berea? East Tessalonica What happened next? Jews Tessalonica went berea stirred up people Where did paul go next? Athens How did paul feel there? Ac 17:16. 'his spirit was stirred in him, when he saw the city wholly given to idolatry.' What did paul there ? Dispute with jews, devour persons and market daily Who met paul? Certain. Philosophers, epicurians, stoicks What is epicurian? Seek modest pleasure state ataraxia : tranquility freedom fear, and aponia: absense bodily pain, through knowledge world, limiting desires What is a stoick? Free from passion, unmoved joy or grief, submissive natural law Where did they bring him? Aerophagus Where is aeropagus? Rock in Acropolis Where did paul stand ? Midst mars hill What is mars hill? Aeropagus What has God made ? One blood all nations , determined times appointed, bonds habitation How did they respond to resurrection ? Mocking Who believed in athens ? Dionysius, Damaris Ac ch 18 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary Where paul went next? Corinth Who did paul find corinth ? Jew aquila wife pricilla What did they do ? Tentmakers also Where they came from ? Left rome as claudius said jews had to leave What happened corinth? Silas and timothy came How was Word received ? Opposed Blasphemed

What said paul? I go gentiles Where did paul go next? Mens house called justus next synagogue Who believed? Crispus ruler synagogue What God told paul vision ? Fear not nobody hurt you, i have much people in this city How long paul stayed corinth ? 18 months What happened next ? Jews brought Paul judgment gallio deputy achaia Where is achaia? South part greece What said gallio? If it be question of words look ye to it What happened next? Greeks beat Sosthenes ruler synagogue gallio cared lot for it Where paul went next? Syria with Priscillia and aquila What did paul before ? Shave his head Where ? In cenchrea Where is cenchrea ? Between athens and corinth Where Paul went next? Ephesus Where is ephesus? Close patmos Then? Caesarea, galatia, antioch To whom was expounded way of the Lord more fully? Apollos Who explained to him? Aquila Priscillia Where did apollos go? Achaia southern Grèce Ac ch 19 Who did paul find ephesus? Certain not having received the holy Spirit How many were they ? 12 How long paul preached ephesus synagogue? 3 months What happened ? Some spake evil of that way Where Paul went next ? School tyrannus 2 years Who tried exorcise? 7 vagabond jews sons of sceva Who did paul send macedonia? Timotheus, erastus , Who made silver shrine for diana? Demetrius Who did ephesus caught fearing diana blasphemed ? Paul companions gaius, aristarchus Where did they drew disciples ? The theatre Who tried defend? Alexander Knowing he was jews what did they ? Cried 2 hours great diana ephesians Who calmed everything down? Town clerk image fell from júpiter Ac ch 20 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary Who accompanied paul to macedonia? Sopater, aristarchus, secundus, gaius, timotheus, tychicus, trophimus Where did they wait for paul ? Troas Where did paul preach until midnight ? Troas Who fell? Eutychus Where did apostles go ? Assos, mytylene,chios, samos , trogyilllyum, myletus Where did paul ended journeys? Ephesus From there where ? Croos, rhodes, Patana, phoenicia, Tyre, ptolemais, cesárea, Where disciples went cesárea? House philip evanglist 4 Daughters prophets Who came from judea? Prophet bound Paul s girdle Who did jews say paul se t to temple ? Trophimus ephesians What happened to jerusalem ? Whole city uproar Ac ch 22 When did paul receive vision ? Noon Ac ch 23 book of acts questions and answers king james version summary What did ananias do paul? Smite him What did pharisee say in council ? No fault in him if angel sake unto him let us not fight against God How many made conspiracy against Paul ? More than 40 Who heard the lying in wait ? Paul s sister s son how they made paul leave jerusalem? 200 soldiers ,70 horsemen , 200 spearmen, When ? 3 rd hour night To whom paul sent? Felix governor Where did paul go? Antipatris in Aphek Where was paul kept? Herod judgment hall Ac ch 24 Who did ananias send accuse paul? Tertulius Who was governor ? Felix Who was Felix s wife? Drusilla jewess Who made paul boind 2 years ? Porcius Festus AC ch 25 Who went visit Festus? King agrippa and berenice wife Ac ch 27 Who kept prisoners? Julius of augustus What was ship name ? Adramythium Where did they sail? Crete What was wind name that erose? Euroclydon Where they went after ? Island Clauda We cast out tackling ship? Tackling ropes How many were in ship? 276 What did they throw in sea? wheat Ac ch 28 What was island name they escaped from broken ship ? Melita Who was chef man island ? Publius How long did he lodge them ? 3 days Who did paul heal? Publius father of fever and others How long is they stay Melita? 3 months Which name? Castor and polux Where did they go from there ? Syracuse 3 days Where is syracuse ? Sicily From there where? Rhegium, puteoli Where did brethren meet paul? Appi forum and three taverns How long paul stayed own hired house ? 2 years How did paul preach in Rome ? With confidence no man for asking him

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