5 Reasons why sex out of mariage fornication in the bible is not a sin

I know this sounds crazy but i have talked to pastors and many christians about fornication in the bible , and nobody has been able to give me sound Bible verses to prove otherwise Sex out of mariage is not a sin . The word fornication in the bible never means sex out of mariage . If nobody can covet before mariage, then all christians are guilty as they all coveted before getting maried . 5 Reasons why fornication sin it is not

Why sex out mariage is not a si 1

1 Fornication in the Bible Covet

2 Fornication in the Bible Pornea

3 Fornication in the Bible Old and new testament

4 Fornication in the Bible Bible verses

5 Fornication in the Bible Before and after the cross of Jesus

1 Fornication in the Bible Covet

It says in matthiew chapter five

That whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has already commited fornication in his heart If we take this verse in context we see that Jesus is talking about maried people as Jesus says . You have heard you shall not commit adultery . Thus this does not refer to single people .

Fornication in the bible is not a sin , as have you lusted over your husband or wife before getting married? Yes Have you decided in your heart before getting married, yes i want him, yes i want her? Yes Thus if this interpretation was true it would mean that

1 Jesus wilfully makes every christian to sin

2 That all christians that ever maried are guilty of coveting someone before getting married

Fornication sin against the body as we shall see later fornication never means sex out of mariage . Fornication sin, no it is not as reading all this post you should understand.

The word covet can be good or bad, coveting someone's goods wife animals, cars is a terrible sin .

But the Bible says we can covet good things like

1 To be a bishop

2 Angels covet to look into the things of the cross

Can we covet something that does not belong to someone ? No

An apple tree in a garden you jump in a take an apple Did you covet ? Yes

The same apple tree in the mountain does not belong to anybody you take an apple Did you covet ? No Why ? Because the apple tree does not belong to anyone

A person can only covet someone sexually when they belong to someone . As what is evil about adultery is not the sexual act as the sexual act was created by God . What is evil is coveting or wanting something or someone that already belongs to someone else .

2 Fornication in the Bible Pornea

Pornea is the greek word for fornication in the bible Pornea never means sex out of mariage . The bible was written in english in 1611 Which meaning did the writers use then for fornication? Did they use the 1611 meaning or did they use the 2021 meaning? They used the 1611 meaning .

PORNEA in greek means

1 spiritual adultery

2 Idolatry

3 All sexual sins found in leveticus chapter 15 TO 18

We see in these chapters, all the sexual sins are mentioned . It mentions homosexuality, bestiality, incest . A verse says You shall not take a woman with her sister . Interesting

If it was a sin to have sex with a random woman why would God put that verse there?

Would it not say

It is a sin to have sex with a random woman and if you have sex with her sister it is worse . But why does the bible says You shall not have sex with a woman and her sister? Because fornication sin it is not a sin . Fornication is a natural need of humans.

There are natural needs and unnatural

So steel lie kill these are not natural needs put by God inside us they are contrary to nature

To want to eat and have sex are natural needs and desires that God has ut inside us

So if you want to refrain those natural needs try all you can and you will always want to have sex until the day you die .

3 Fornication in the Bible Old and new testament

Paul says in the new testament It is better to mary than to burn . If it was a sin to have fornication in the bible outside mariage , what would Paul have seid ?

Paul would have said

Never burn and a christian should always mary

What does burning mean.?

Burning means Wanting greatly to have sex

Having sex often with multiple partners

Not been able to refrain to having sex regularly

The meaning of fornication in the Bible is always in the context of the sexual sins mentionned in leveticus chapter 15 TO 18 It never mentions fornication sin or fornication as a sin . Was it ok to have incredible sex orgy five minutes before the cross, and five minutes after the cross it becomes very evil ? That is a crazy belief yet many christians believe that .

Salomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines . Same with many people of his time . So it was ok for him to have great amount of sex and not for us today ? What kind of belief is that ? Will God judge Solomon and old testament people different that people today?

You over there you are old testament person ? You had a lot of sex ? Enter into my joy

You over here you are a new testament person ? You have some sex ? You enter into the flames of hell God is not partial God cannot judge people differently . Sin never changes, sin is always the same .

fornication in the Bible is not a sin there are many argument for this position .

fornication sin against the body because fornication was sex with prostitutes in Corinth where the christians would go to the fornix, a fonix is an arch .

In the arch they would ask favours to satan and thus commit fornication . This is the real meaning of fornication . Christians going to the arches of the fornix and having sex with prostitutes to ask favours to satan . This is why fornication is a sin against the body as you it is satanic worship .

fornication sin well it cannot be as it is a natural need of every human being .

4 Fornication in the Bible Bible verses

Did Paul say tha tit is good for a men not to touch a woman 1 CO 7 ? Yes what is the context ? The context was there was tremendous persecution in corinth . At the end of the chapter paul says I tell you these things because of the present persecution . Why did men had not to touch women ? Because there was incredible persecution and it was not a time for courtship and love .

Fornication in the bible is all sexual sins except sex out of mariage . It would contradict paul who later said two chapters after that Have i not the right to lead about a sister as Cephas?

In fact Paul in this chapter 1 CO 9 said

1 CO 9 11 If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things?

What does the word carnal mean? T hings pertaining of the body .

Paul and we will get a different post entirely on this topic in more detail .The word flesh means sexual things . Paul is saying that he was leading about sisters from different churches in missionary journeys just to have sex with them . And the corinthians were complaining about this .

Jude talks about solomon fornication this is homosexuality

Flee fornication yes we need to flee adultery homosexuality lesbianism incest

In fact we will see in a different post if God gives me the time to write it that it could not be a sin to have multiple wives as Moses had a wife from Midian and a wife from Cush . Yet God used him to wrote You shall not commit adultery

Yes fornication in the Bible is not a sin, fornication sin against the body because pornea or fornication was spiritual idolatry with harlots in Corinth arches an arch is a fornix

fornication sin not it cannot be as God cannot make a natural desire to be a sin

5 Fornication in the Bible Before and after the cross of Jesus

Before the cross men and many good men could take as many wives as they chose . Even the best men in the bible such as Abraham, David , Solomon, Jacob, Essau, Elkanah,

Yet in Hebrews eleven it says that Solomon and Samson are not only good men but heroes of faith . Incredible ,

These men today if they live din a regular church they could be kicked out, yet God says thet are heroes of faith . God winked at it question Can God wink at sin ? No

So sex out of mariage was not a sin . It was not the best thing to do byt it was not a sin . But when these men went for pagan women that is when God got angry . Solomon's sin was not having many wives, solomon's sin was to be with pagan devil worshipper women .

We proved that fornication in the Bible is defenitly not a sin that

fornication sin against the body is when Corinthians went in the fornix the arches to worship satan with prostitutes , that fornication sin is a false belief from christian churches that needs to be removed.

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