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The Holy Spirit is Himself, divested of the personality of humanity, and independent thereof. He would represent Himself as present in all places by His Holy Spirit, as the Omnipresent. (E.G. White, Lt119, February 18, 1895)

“Our sanctification is the work of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is the fulfilment of the covenant that God has made with those who bind themselves up with Him, to stand with Him, with His Son, and with HIS SPIRIT in holy fellowship. Have you been born again? Have you become a new being in Christ Jesus? Then co-operate with the three great powersof heaven who are working in your behalf.” — (E.G. White, Signs of the Times, June 19, 1901) . Before the disciples could fulfill their official duties in connection with the church, Christ breathed His Spirit upon them. He was committing to them a most sacred trust, and He desired to impress them with the fact that without the Holy Spirit this work could not be accomplished.” — (Ellen G. White, Desire of Ages, p. 805) “is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.” Colossians 1:15 He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.” — (E.G. White, Signs of the Times, Nov. 15, 1899) Ellen White wrote. “In Him was life, original, unborrowed, underived. This life is not inherent in man. He can possess it only through Christ. He cannot earn it; it is given him as a free gift if he will believe in Christ as His personal Saviour.” — (E.G. White, Signs of the Times, April 8, 1897) Evangelism p. 615.2)

“Christ is the pre-existent, self-existent Son of God.... In speaking of his pre-existence, Christ carries the mind back through dateless ages. He assures us that there never was a time when He was not in close fellowship with the eternal God. He to whose voice the Jews were then listening had been with God as one brought up with Him.” — (Ellen G. White, Signs of the Times, August 29, 1900) — Evangelism p. 615.2) “The Lord possessed Me in the beginning of His way, before His works of old. I was set up from everlasting.... When He appointed the foundations of the earth: then I was by Him, as one brought up with Him: and I was daily His delight, rejoicing always before Him.” Proverbs 8:22-30.” — (E.G. White, PP, 34.1) It was in seeking to exalt himself above the Son of God that Satan had sinned in heaven.” — (Ellen G. White, Desire of Ages, p.129) Those who seek to remove the old landmarks are not holding fast; they are not remembering how they have received and heard. Those who try to bring in theories that would remove the pillars of our faith concerning the sanctuary or concerning the personality of God or of Christ, are working as blind men. They are seeking to bring in uncertainties and to set the people of God adrift without an anchor.” — (Ellen G. White, MR760 9.5, 1905). They clearly set forth that Christ was the Son of God, existing with Him before the angels were created; and that He had ever stood at the right hand of God, and His mild, loving authority had not heretofore been questioned; and that He had given no commands but what it was joy for the heavenly host to execute.

They urged that Christ’s receiving special honor from the Father, in the presence of the angels, did not detract from the honor that Lucifer had heretofore received. The angels wept. They anxiously sought to move him to renounce his wicked design and yield submission to their Creator; for all had heretofore been peace and harmony, and what could occasion this dissenting, rebellious voice? – {SR 15.2} En aquel mismo momento se encontraban en el templo dos verdaderos siervos de Dios, Simeón y Ana. Ambos habían envejecido en el servicio de su Señor, el cual les había revelado cosas que había tenido que ocultar a los sacerdotes orgullosos y egoístas. CNS 13.2

Así es como Dios escoge a personas humildes como testigos suyos y con frecuencia pasa por alto a aquellos a quienes el mundo llama grandes. Muchos de ellos son como los sacerdotes y gobernantes judíos, y se afanan por servirse y honrarse a sí mismos, pero piensan poco en servir y honrar a Dios. Por tanto, Dios no puede escogerlos para que hablen a otros de su amor y misericordia. CNS 13.7 La gloria que descansó sobre Cristo fué una garantía del amor de Dios para con nosotros. El Salvador vino para ser nuestro ejemplo; y tan seguramente como Dios oyó su oración, oirá la nuestra también. CNS 35.5 El más menesteroso, el más pecaminoso, el más despreciado, puede hallar acceso al Padre. Cuando nos acercamos a él en nombre de Jesús la misma voz que habló a Jesús en aquella ocasión nos habla también a nosotros, y nos dice: Este es mi hijo amado, en quien tengo mi complacencia. CNS 35.6 Asimismo Cristo, nuestro Pastor celestial, cuida de su rebaño esparcido por todo el mundo. Nos conoce a todos por nuestro nombre. Sabe en qué casa vivimos, y el nombre de cada habitante de ella. Cuida de cada uno como si no existiera otro más en el mundo. CNS 65.6 What this book says is that there are three powers that are going to begin a struggle with each other to take control of the earth and to bring in a One World Government. Those three powers are the Soviet Union, the United States and the Papacy. And in Daniel 11, verse 40 the Soviet Union is the King of the South, the Papacy is the King of the North and the United States is the "chariots, ships and horsemen". And verse 40 says that, at the time of the end, in 1798, the King of the South, Atheism, was going to begin a war against the Papacy, the King of the North. And as Seventh-day Adventists we know that in 1798 atheistic France delivered the deadly wound to the Papacy. That's Daniel 11:40. But it continues on in the verse to say, that in time, in a period of time, the King of the North would return and retaliate against Atheism, the King of the South. And the verse says that when the King of the North, the Papacy, retaliates against Atheism, the King of the South, when that takes place, that the King of the North, the Papacy, would have the ally of the United States - the chariots, ships and horsemen. And that's the premise of Carl Bernstein's work. He demonstrates how in the Ronald Reagan years Ronald Reagan formed a secret alliance with the Antichrist of Bible prophecy for the purpose of sweeping away the King of the South, the Soviet Union, and that it was fulfilled in 1989. And that‘s the history of verse 40 of Daniel 11. And the next verse identifies the Sunday Law in the United States.

There are many things in this verse, but we are just going to take one. It says, "And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in." The 144,000 will restore the paths to dwell in. They'll raise up the old waste places. And Jeremiah chapter 6 tells us what the paths to dwell in are. Verse 16 of chapter 6 says this, "Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where [is] the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk [therein]." Sister White has a very nice statement. She says: "Each of the ancient prophets spoke more for our day, then the days in which they lived, so that their prophesying is in force for us, ... who live at the end of the world" [3SM,338]. So Jeremiah, Isaiah, and all the prophets are giving testimony to our day and age, and Isaiah and Jeremiah are telling us that the 144,000 will return to the "old paths". So, when we talk about what are the foundations and the pillars - the foundations for Adventism - they are the truths that began the Millerite movement. Review and Herald, April 14, 1903: "I saw a company who stood well guarded and firm, giving no countenance to those who would unsettle the established faith of the body." EW, 259.

definition of mar`e ; appearance. And it means a singular appearance. When it comes to mar`e I defined it as a "snapshot", whereas the other word, translated vision - chazon - means the "complete" vision. 1st batle pagans s8:9 1000angels s3:123 3000 angels - Judgment dayws 70:4 50t s 32:5 1000y - myriam s 66:12 s 19:28 aister aaron - Ap 14 18 19. He 3 5. 2 pe 1 10 Ro 11 20 21 je 11 3 5. Je 18 7 10. 1 sa 2 30. Ro 9 4 5 ro 11 20 21. He 10 29. He 6 6. Ez 33 13 2 pi 2 20 21. Mt 18 23 35 mt 18 23 25 1. 1975 1 million left aftee date failure 2 God s throne pleiades. 3. The way to paradise 225 abraham moises. Resurected administer earth 4 parousia return dead raised wiched destroyed memorial service until 2nd coming jesus will be seen rewards given 5. 598 not 618 jerusalem destroyed. 19 y error in babylon book 134 ph2 9 other name is 10 20 21 mighty God je 32 18 Co 1 15.17 He 1 8. Ps 45 6 When God makes you fail 1 israel fights samaria fails 2 apostles see Jesus taken 3 Ester 4 1260 years 2 ti 2 25 26 2 co 4 4 Ro 8 17 18 Jn 3 18 36 Ja 5 11 Eph 2 1 a 5 He 10 26 a 29 (Evangelism p. 617.2) “The prince of the power of evil can only be held in check by the power of God in the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit.” — (Ellen G. White, Special Testimonies, Series A, No. 10, p. 37, 1897) — Evangelism p. 617.2 “The Holy Spirit is the Comforter, in Christ's name. He personifies Christ, yet is a distinct personality.” — (E.G. White, 20MR 324.2) Evangelism 616.6 and 617.1) “The Holy Spirit always leads to the written word. The Holy Spirit is a person; for He beareth witness with our spirits that we are the children of God. ... The Holy Spirit has a personality, else He could not bear witness to our spirits and with our spirits that we are the children of God. He must also be a divine person, else He could not search out the secrets which lie hidden in the mind of God.” — (Ellen G. White, MS 20, 1906) — Evangelism 616.6 and 617.1

Evangelism p. 616.5) “We need to realize that the Holy Spirit, who is as much a person as God is a person, is walking through these grounds.” — (Ellen G. White, Sermons and Talks Volume 2, pp. 136, 137, 1899) — Evangelism p. 616.5 “The Holy Spirit is a free, working, independent agency.” — (Ellen G. White, Review and Herald, May 5, 1896 Evangelism p. 615.1) “There are three living persons of the heavenly trio; in the name of these three great powers - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - those who receive Christ by living faith are baptised.” — (Ellen G. White, Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 7, pp. 62, 63, 1905) — Evangelism p. 615.1 “The Holy Spirit is the Comforter, in Christ's name. He personifies Christ, yet is a distinct personality.” — (E.G. White, 20MR 324 trinity /ˈtrɪnɪti/ noun the three persons of the Christian Godhead; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. a group of three people or things. noun: trinity; plural noun: trinities "the wine was the first of a trinity of three excellent vintages" the state of being three. noun: trinity "God is said to be trinity in unity"

Evangelism p. 615.1) “There are three living persons of the heavenly trio; in the name of these three great powers - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - those who receive Christ by living faith are baptised.” — (Ellen G. White, Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 7, pp. 62, 63, 1905) — Evangelism p. 615.1 Evangelism p. 617.3) “We are to co-operate with the three highest powers in heaven,--the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,--and these powers will work through us, making us workers together with God.” — (Ellen G. White, Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 7, p. 51) — Evangelism p. 617.3 The unbelieving world will soon have something to think of besides their dress and appearance; and as their minds are torn from these things by distress and perplexity, they will have nothing to turn to. They are not prisoners of hope, and therefore do not turn to the Stronghold. Their hearts will fail them for repining and fear. They have not made God their refuge, and He will not be their consolation then, but will laugh at their calamity, and mock when their fear cometh. They have despised and trampled upon the truths of God’s word. They have indulged in extravagant dress, and have spent their lives in hilarity and glee. They have sown to the wind; they must reap the whirlwind. In the time of distress and perplexity of nations there will be many who have not given themselves wholly to the corrupting influences of the world and