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My name is Fabien i am a graduate from Black hills mission college along with

evangelist David Assherick and Jeefrey Rosario . Pastor Luis Torres is the head of this amazing evangelism school . Some say it is one of the best evangelism school in North America .


I have been traveling doing evangelism in different parts of the world . Where God has trained me the most is talking to atheists. The other interesting field is the 10/40 window the which i also reach . But i see that the atheists such as in Europe are not reached at all . And few people work for them, because of the difficulty , and because so few Christians are trained and know how to answer atheists questions about the bible .


I spent more than 10 years in France doing evangelism . Distributing about half a mission tracts. I remember in Montpelier south of France . I was distributing tracts about creation , and 2 young ladies told me . O your tract we all saw it multiple times . Many of my clients were from Muslims countries and i would send them the truth about the love of Jesus . Many of these people live in countries where no one would ever hear the truth about the love of Jesus .


In fact it is staggering to see so many Christians talking to atheists and not getting anywhere and only quoting bible verses . Also i have experience especially in France evangelizing Muslims . The Earth last day blog has more than 200 deep bible studies articles that can help one get much deeper in the bible . The bible television page has 4 24/7 christian television channels .


I have done evangelistic meetings in Florida around 2005 . I am asked to preach in different churches, especially when in Florida . But i prefer to evangelize people on the street, online . I have needs if you could kindly consider giving . Traveling one cannot make an income as it is hard to find a job and change country often . A job would take the time from evangelism and translating the articles in 20 plus languages . Including Chinese, Hindi, Urdu .


In most countries we can stay only 90 days . My regular work is massage . But in Prague for example i worked all day in Spa and could not do any evangelism . The need is for rent monthly is is much less than in USA as it is poor countries . In average it is 500 $ a month . The food need is about 400$ a month . And travel each few month . If plane it is about 800 $ . If it is local is it about 100 $ for bus . For the time uploading videos, translating, and writing blog posts. And i always have a few person online such as the Quora, facebook religions groups or you tube channel people asking me about the bible .


I graduated from black hills in 2000 Since then i have been doing evangelism almost non stop ; God gave me an amazing gift to find out the person s spiritual problem and to give the answers. When we practice evangelism for atheists or Muslims or any religion in fact it is always the same question that come back and people want answers to their spiritual dilemmas . I would be very grateful for your help and support . Misisonary Fabien





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