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Nehemiah bible study lessons

This is quite short Nehemiah bible study lessons Visit our Bible question and answer blog list . This is such an amazing way to study the bible , it is very original and i found out that this speeds up so much your bible learning . Nehemiah bible study lessons . The reason why is that when we out a bible book in question and answer form, we remember much better what we are reading . And we learn the bible much faster and much better. Test your bible knowledge in doing this Nehemiah bible study lessons .

Nehemiah concentrate ne ch 1What is Nehemiah chapter 1 about ? Nehemiah being cupbearer in media and wantting to rebuild Jerusalem ne ch 2v8 what did Artaxerxes grant Nehemiah ? Jerusalem to be rebuilt V10 who was not happy ? sanbalah Hononite, and Tobiah ne ch 6v2 what did sanballah and Geshem ask Nehemiah to do? to meet in plains of Ono but they ? sought to do me mischief v4 how many times they sought to meet Nehemiah ? 4 times V7 what did sanballah and Geshem write in letter to Artaxerxes ? that Nehemiah was going to be proclaimed king and rebel V10 who did sanballah and Geshem hire ? Shemeiah to say what ? they will come to slay you in the night V12 then i perceived? that God has not sent him for Tobiah and sanballah had? hired him ne ch 8v8 so they read in the book of? the law distinctly and gave the sense and caused the reading

ne ch 9v17 and refused to obey .. but you are a God ? ready to pardon , gracious and merciful slow to anger and of great kindness and forsook them not v21 40 years you sustained them in ? the wilderness so that they lacked nothing v31 nevertheless for Thu great mercies sake you did not ? utterly consume them nor forsake them for you are a merciful and gracious God ne ch 13v1 why were Amonites and Moabites not to come into the congregation of God ? because they met not Israel with bread and water and hired balaam EARTHLASTDAY.COM

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