SCIENCE =Something you can test, prove and demonstrate.

Let us do a little test:

Is the astronomical unit, or distance from earth to the sun  science or evolution? Science. Why? Because  this is something you can test prove and demonstrate.

Is the loss of mass of the sun science or evolution? Science. Why? Because it is something you can prove, test and demonstrate.

Is the speed of rotation of the earth science or evolution? Science. Why? Because you can prove it, test and demonstrate that the earth is rotating as such a speed.

Is the big bang science or evolution? Evolution. Why? Because it is not something you can prove, test and demonstrate. Thus it is a religious belief, believed by faith, thus a religion!

Are transitions from specie to specie science or evolution? Evolution. Why? Because no one has ever seen nor proven that one animal ever turned into another animal.

 They teach this transition issue s fact, but it does not make it true, they say all animals came from something else or man came from monkeys, but there is no proof about this. Just because we have minor transition in the species does not mean that this specie can change into something else. No one has ever observed this change. We see finches in the Galapagos with bigger and smaller bics on other islands. But these monir changes that God has created to keep the species alive


does not mean that they can change into other creatures. Lets say I live in Alaska and move to Mexico, will I go through changes? Yes. I will have to adapt to the language, the food, the climate. But I will not turn into E.T. This is where people get deceived, just because we se small changes in the creatures, does not mean they change into other creatues. In fact if these natural selection changes did not exist, no life will be on earth, and all creatures would have long died from not being able to adapt to their environments.

Evolutionists say: ‘Man and monkeys just have similar material’ , so does the pontiac firebird and the chevy. They have ac, four wheels, a battery, does it mean that they evolved from one another? No. It does not make them to have evolved since millions of years. But evolution being mixed with real science, most people will accept everything as a whole and not check if all is true or not.

The only way to have someone believe a lie is to mix it with truth. Rat poison is 99% good food! All religions of the world have much truth, even the church of Satan believes in helping others!

But having some truth and part lies means that the theory of evolution is a grand lie! As God cannot have some lies mixed with truth because Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

 Titus 1:2 ‘In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began.’ The Bible says that God cannot lie. God can only tell the truth. Thus the Bible is either all true or all false and a deception. So what people have been made to believe about things only come from human opinion. As human opinion are not absolute, and not always true, then how can we trust what the media or someone says about what is science and what is not science being his own opinion?


Opinions on personal matter as “What color do you prefer?’ ‘Do you like cities or mountains better?’ Ect are personal opinions. When we take the topic of evolution vs creation for example, this is an absolute. Only one truth can be true. Both cannot be true, and one of the answers must be 1005 false. There is no compromise.

The only way to really trust what someone says about something is that if this person would have absolute knowledge about everything there is to know about the universe. This not being the case for any human being. In fact if we have 1% percent of all knowledge that would be extremely generous. Very possibly we could have 1 billon% of 1% of all knowledge. So what media tells us what in science is true or not true. Will God judge you according to what you heard on the media? No.

Science has never needed the theory of evolution to do science. Science was around hundreds of years before Darwin was born, and almost all branches of science have been started by creationists. What is science? Science is knowledge. Science is something someone can prove test and demonstrate. Many things in science books are real science.


They are things that we can prove, test and demonstrate. Yet since 150 years real science has been infiltrated by false science as God calls it in 1 Timothy. What is this false science? Real science has been mixed with: big bang, millions of years, transition from one specie to another specie, pangea, the geological column. These things and ideas, presented as science are not science, but just some unproven theory. Personal opinion stuff on an absolute topic.


Why then would someone accept these ideas as science? It is very easy. These errors are mixed with science in science books, thus most people accept them as the rest of the book as revealed knowledge. They trust the people that have put these false theories in science books and they believe them to be revealed truth. They trust the government or the state who agreed to have these things taught in public schools as truth. They trust the science teachers who have a degree and are teaching them these false science theories. They believe in these theories, why?


Because of the faith they have in the authorities, rather than in the truth. Their faith in teachers and scientists is so strong, that it supersedes a personal research. Faith in man, faith in the science book publishers, faith in the state regulation, faith in their science teachers, faith in what is taught on tv and talked about in their favourite channel, and faith in the modern scientific community.


It is interesting to see that the modern science community has never given plausible evidence for evolution, no evidence for an animal turning into another animal, no proof that the big bang happened. But millions choose to believe in the drawings and the few so called transitional fossils to base their eternal damnation on. Incredible.

The sad fact is that most people will not investigate further. And they give the argument of ‘Well you and your Bible you are in the dark ages, we are in the age of science’ In the dark ages the masses in Europe believed everything the priests told them, even if these were lies, they believed them and did not check for themselves what truth is. The same goe today, the media, teachers and scientists are the priests of the middle ages who mixed lies with truth to deceive millions.

They say ‘well my teacher said so and so’ It is true that many in faith communites believe in the Bible not for themselves, and not because of personal study, but because ‘my mom goes to church’ or ‘the preacher said so and so’.  In both cases people do not make a personal investigation of what is truth. Just because your teacher taught you something does not mean it is true.


The age of the earth is changing every year. Many things that were taught as truth yesterday by scientists are found to be false today. Why hang your faith on faulty human beings? And why not base your faith on the Eternal God who never errs? Then it means that all the science community was wrong last year about the age of the earth and have been totally wrong next year, and the science community will be wrong about the age of the earth and other issues every year since Darwin! Talk about personal opinion rather than science or absolutes!

The science-evolution community has been wrong on many subjects the which they revise once in a while. Then we can conclude that they do not have absolute truth, they do not have all the knowledge in the universe, thus they are not capable to judge truthfully as they are full of bias, because in fact I think they should completely burry the evolution theory and bring it out some other time when they have absolute proof for all of the sides of this theory, the big bang, the transition from one animal into another animals, the geological column, millions of years ect…


We will believe when prof will be given in absolute form that the universe is millions of years old and when they will show us anywhere on the earth where the geological column is as shown in the textbooks. Did you know that nowhere on the earth do we find the geological column as taught in the science books! And this theory is being taught in your school,


and the childrens in your neighbourhood are being taught the layers have millions of years, yet there is no proof for that!

We see the drawings of the Jurassic, Devonian, Cambrian layers, but these layers in the order found in the textbooks do not exist in reality! Nowhere on earth do we have the layers in the order we have them in the school books. Talk about deception and lying to kids and society! This geological column is only a fiction of the imagination.


We have in the so called ‘Cambrian layer’ primitive animals. Then suddenly in the next layer we arrive at animals which are a lot larger. How did these animals transform themselves at once? Is there a miracle potion in the dirt to transform animals? Or didn’t the smaller animals during the flood stay behind while the bigger animals went to the uppermost places of the earth and that is why they are found on the top layers. We find fossils of fish on all the top mountains of the earth. Do fishes walk uphill? Do fish do mountain climbing? No.


Why don’t we have the millions of transitions which would go from the trilobite found in the so called ‘Cambrian layer’ to the larger animals found in the next layer of the so called ‘Ordovician period’? Why does the trilobite, which is supposed to be one of the most primitive creature ever, why does it has one of the most complex eye in existence?


If evolution does not go in reverse, how can the eye quality and evolution go in reverse? Because evolution did not happen, there are only minor God given variations in the creatures. Living trilobites have been found? A live coelacanth has been found in South Africa in 1938 December, 25. If these creatures are supposed to have been extinct since millions of years. If not extinct, how come this animal did not evolve since millions of years if evolution is true?

2-The end of the religion vs science argument:

The argument about science vs religion cannot stand then with the above mentioned arguments. No one will be able to say to God in the judgment: ‘God, my teachers all taught me that evolution was a fact. It is not my fault is I believed them, as society says that we have to believe whatever they tell us. If God says that all things were made by Him and that God invented science and the word science is used in different times in the Bible written from 150 BC to 90 AD. What was the meaning of the word science then? Was the prophet Daniel skillful in science and the meaning was; Daniel was skillful in the evolution theory? No. It meant Daniel was skillful in knowledge, and Daniel believed in a 6 day creation.

Daniel 1:4 ‘Children in whom was no blemish, but well favoured, and skilful in all wisdom, and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science, and such as had ability in them to stand in the king’s palace, and whom they might teach the learning and the tongue of the Chaldeans.’

The meaning of the word science here is the creation of God. Who then changed the meaning of the word science, to have the word science mean for most people now: evolution? Yes it came from Darwinism. Huxley and the club X are responsible to have published and marketed the ‘origin of species of Darwin. Totlly an atheist agenda to secularise the masses.


Did they have a précise goal in mind? Definitely. Darwin having connections in Cambridge knew that if he published a book it would become successful. Lyell the predecessor of Darwin, and who’s book Darwin took on board of the Beagle and which destroyed his faith in the Bible, said that he wanted to rid science of Moses. Why would these persons want to falsify science to brainwash the masses into believing that now since 150 years science is evolution and everything we see is explained by randomness and chance. In Europe and being a missionary to Europe I see that many people have a very strange idea of God.


Most people in Europe see God as a very aggressive being. In Europe, many people are afraid of God, and are afraid of believing in Him, because the only image of God they have is the dark ages medieval inquisitor and vengeful idea that the papacy gave to the World. I understand that if God was like that if would be a fearful thing to be alive. But thank God , He is very kind and merciful and gentle. Sadly the people in Europe do not know that. Why? Because they have never read the Bible, not even once for the majority.We can see this belief in the interviews Richard Dawking gives. This is his idea he has of God. Where do they get this belief from? Not the Bible as most evolution scientists and atheist do not have a clue what the Bible says.

This is a belief they take from what the middle ages papacy have taught about God. Flagelate yourself, do not have any sex, become celibate, fast 40 days for lent, do penances, walk hundreds of miles to atone for your sins and work to receive salvation. Confess to the priest, keep Sunday and the pagan holidays, bow down to the pope, who is infallible. Do not rad the Bible for yourself. All thiese things are lies and make Europeans not to want anything to do with God. These are not teaching of the Bible on God.

God is extremely merciful, kind and loving. Doesn’t God know that you are a sinner? Are you surprising God if you tell Him you are bad and desperately wicked? No. God knows that all humans are fallen from birth but can overcome their sinful tendencies for evil through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Roman 3:23 ‘For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.’

This could be the main argument for why some persons in leadership position In the Uk during the time of Darwin took the opportunity of their influence to rid science of Moses. But we see that eliminating science from truth, or mixing errors with truth will never make these errors truth. Science should be the search of the truth about the universe and the earth.


Talking about this issue which is truth against error, the only way we can come to the conclusion and find what is true is that we are honest and accept whatever we find that can be tested, proven and demonstrated as answer. If we find that the truth goes against something we believed, then we need to be honest and humble ourselves enough to accept the truth and throw away the false beliefs we had.

No matter how much we liked the lie we believed in.

Modern science is doing the opposite of searching for truth. Modern science has a preconceived agenda and teaches the masses only what they want to be taught as truth. People do not have a chance to see both sides. In many countries like the Usa, Mexico, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia ect.. people have a few hours of creation a week in church, against the few hours of Darwin during the week in school. Thus they can make a choice.


In Europe I see that most people in France for example where people are evolutionists in the extreme, England, Germany and very much in Scandinavia. Such beautiful countries and lovely, nevertheless the masses over there I saw have no knowledge of the Bible and creation at all. The only notions they have about creation are completely distorted and come from middle ages thinking.

We see that in these countries the great majority choose Darwin and the theory of evolution not because they think it is right, but because they have been taught that ‘Believing otherwise is very stupid and that scientists know what is right and wrong’ And they choose Darwin. This is so sad. And almost no one is going to Europe to make ready this beautiful people for the second coming! Most people in Europe have no creation teaching, yearly maybe to hours at Christmas for the minority, and hundreds of hours of evolution in school per year. Creation has no chance against such an amazing evolution brainwashing. Thus it is interesting to see that in the countries where people have balanced teachings the majority will chose creation, and in countries where creation is not taught, the majority will chose evolution!

One other argument that evolutionists give often is: ‘Prove there is a God’. We see in the history of the world that the majority of the people who have ever lived in the earth since the creation have believed in creation. The theory of evolution is only 150 years old. This is brand new. As a new teaching, evolutionists and adepts of Darwin have the burden of proof and have to explain to the multitudes why evolution should be true. Plus the majority of people on earth today believe in creation 1.5 Billion Christians 1 Billon catholics 1 Billion Muslims.


Evolutionists are the minority, thus the burden of proof resides on them on why would the evolution theory would be science, and why should it be taught in the schools without any science to back it up. If found wanting in arguments, and if a theory is found to have been taught and is found to be fraud, the people who have taught it and deceived others, are even in danger of ending up in jail for deliberate fraud! The creation vs evolution issue is definitely a tremendously important issue.


Randomness and chance

Circle of the earth

3-      God’s opinion on the theory of evolution:

What does God say about the theory of evolution? If God is all knowing and all powerful He knows everything in advance, thus He would know if the theory of evolution is true or false. We always search for what some man on this little planet earth has said about evolution. We see that any man who has ever lived on earth cannot have all knowledge. Not just that, but any man on earth only has an extremely limited knowledge about the universe and God’s creation. To come to conclusion about the existence of God from man’s point of view, is to be completely devoid of wisdom. Can a man be intelligent, have a science degree, yet be devoid of wisdom? Yes. For example let’s take Richard Dawking in the movie Expelled. I like Richard Dawkng as a human being. I think he is very polite, kind and patient. But that does not make him right.

When Ben Stein asked Dawking in Expelled:

‘Mr Richard Dawking let’s say you died tonight and meet God in heaven, and find out you were wrong. What will you tell him then?’

Dawking answers: ‘Well, I will tell Him, why did you take so much pain to hide yourself?’

This is quite an amazing statement. It means that some people, even highly intelligent people think that after they die, God will be nice enough to let them choose again where they will want to go , and they think that they will have a second chance and God will tell them:


‘Don’t worry son, it is not your fault if you believed in evolution, after all you listened to your teachers’ , like in a video game or an amusement park attraction, where you can play the game again. No God will not give a second chance. No God will not let people choose their eternal destination after they die, no God will not be mocked. People on Earth have the Bible, people on earth have the Old and New Testament, people on earth have creation, nature, they can see without any doubt His eternal power and Godhead through the things created. The people of earth will have no excise not to have believed in God. Small transition from specie to specie will be of no excuse!

How can someone so intelligent be so devoid of wisdom and not understand that God means what He says! Unbeliveable. And that there will be no more changing minds after one dies?

The time to investigate this very important issue is now. After you die there will be no more time nor possibility to change your mind. Once you have a child you cannot make him or her to go back into the womb. All out actions, thoughts and deeds will me met in the judgment of God. After the resurrection of the dead. Nevertheless if you have accepted Jesus Christ, the substitute for your evil deeds and thoughts, these will be erased forever as if never commited.

But now let us see what God says about the theory of evolution.

A good question God would be asking if He appeared on earth to all evolutionists is:

 Job 38: 1 ‘Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?’


And a good question to ask is ‘But if God is really God, why doesn’t He appear on earth,

Himself or talk to us from heaven audibly? This is a good question. Let us imagine that God appears in the white house and all presidential houses all over the world to talk to the wodl’s inhabitants. Would that make the majority to follow Him?


No Would that make people live Him? No. Why? Because to love someone you would need to know this person. And this is the whole issue. The history of the world is a love story. A love story contains lots of passages about two persons spending time together and loving each other. If you as a human being to not know God not believe in Him nor love Him. The only way to find out who God is is to spend time with Him. How? In the Bible, prayer. As eternal live is not so much a doing right against wrong issue, but much more about keeping a love connection with Jesus and getting to know Him.

John 17:3 ‘And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.’


God asks the question who are you who darkens counsel with his own opinion or words without knowledge. The theory of evolution is much a personal opinion theory. The persons who have created it have not coulseled with God to ask His opinion. They felt things, saw things. ‘Finches in this island have bigger bics than finches on this other island…….I conclude that this is evolution and that these finches will turn into a horse one day’

This is completely a personal opinion. The beginning of the observation is good. It is true that creatures have variations, different climates and environment bring some variation in species. But to conclude and deceive millions in believing that these minor changes can bring about different species is unproven and only a personal opinion matter. God says all things were created after its kind.


All dogs still produce dogs, all cats still produce cats, all birds still produce birds. This variation to different creature business is only found in the textbooks. Nowhere in the universe is there anything producing something else than its kind.


God says that this theory of evolution idea darkens the truth of the Bible. If you darken something, it means that it used to be pure and that it is becoming corrupted. We now see many Christians all over the world who try to add millions of years in Genesis. They are confused, they have become darkened with the teachings in college about false science and trying to mix lies with the Word of God. The great majority of people who ever lived since Adam and Eve plainly saw in the days of creation a 24 hour day.


The first time that a great number of people started to change God’s meaning on Genesis 1:5 ‘And the evening and the morning were the first day.’ Was when Darwin came up with the theory of evolution. Most reformer, preachers and church leader before this time all believed in a 6 literal day creation. To say other wise would mean that God would have written the Bible only for Bible scholars with a theology degree. Is every Christian on earth a Bible scholar?


No. If the Sabbath is still a 24hour day, then the other days are still 24 hour days of creation. Then some people try to give some prophetic verses like 2 Peter 3:8 ‘But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.’  Prophetic language is only interpreted prophetically. The 2300 days of Daniel 8:14 means 2300 years.

One day is one year in prophetic language:

Number 14;34 ‘After the number of the days in which ye searched the land, even forty days, each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty years, and ye shall know my breach of promise.’

A beast in prophecy means = kingdom

he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.’

Revelation 13:1 ‘And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.’

Revelation 17:15 ‘And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.’ Yet we know full well that Genesis is not prophetic generally but literal. In the verse ‘one day is like a thousand years’ it is not saying one day is a thousand years, but it is saying ‘one day is like a thousand years’ Does the verse say one day is a thousand years? No It says that FOR GOD one day is like one thousand years and a thousand years like one day. I think it means that as God has all wisdom, then in one day God can see all the moves and thoughts and deeds of billions of the inhabitants of the earth.


We prsonaly do not know wht is really happening on th earth. The news tell us only an infinitely fraction of what happens on the earth in a given day. But for God all is seen and all thought and deeds ar known. God sees all the business transtions happening in one day the billions of dollars which circle the earth. God sees all the sick people who go to the hospital and those who sufer as those who are happy and in plenty . God sees the thousands of babies who are born each day. God sees all the arguments, the violence in all continents in each single city of the world, island, capitals, small towns! Compared to man’s view on life, one day is really for God as one thousand days!

In Psalms 33: 6,9 it says ‘ By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth.For he spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast.’ What does it mean that God created all things by His Word? By the breath of His mouth. Does it take millions of years to speak out the universe into existence? No. ‘He spake and it was done’ How long does it take to speak? One moment. And the things of the universe arrived in their order.

So the issue at hand is whether we are going to believe God or believe someone with a diploma.


Some people would only want to believe what someone tells them and that they can see, rther than an invisible being. And this is exactly why God stays invisible, to bring to light the character of humans, so that they can fix their defects before being able to enter heaven. It is like someone has friend, and when the friend is around, they meet people and always talks good about this friend in front of him. But when this friend moves away to a foreign country, this person knows that they will be away for a long time, and they talk bad in their back. Every person they find, they use the time to talking about the person who went away. Why? Because the peson is not present so that they feel they will not hear!

You might say to yourself ‘God if He exists is far away, thus, He is not listening to me and I am free to say whatever about Him, and treat Him as if He did not exist. And I would prefer to listen to people I ca see, and from whom I can advantage myself. In this case the theory of evolution seems silly, to have everything come from nothing and randomness.


Nevertheless it advantages me, to have  seemingly excuse for my behaviour which is in fact just an evolved animal behavior. Deep down in my heart, I know that the theory of evolution is not true, and was made up to bring the nations into materialiam and for the leadership to control the world, in having the masses completely hympotised with entertainment and passing pleasures, and having them believe in human theories and dogmas, because we have taught them to believe with all their heart in scientist’s opinions as if they came from God himself.

Thus making the scientist diploma all powerful and making the scientists receive a unerring supernatural power, and reciving the gift of all knowledge at the reception of this diploma! Our greatest fera is that the masses would examine fully the theory of evolution and find out that this theory is not true and just some made up human theory to do away with God in the minds of people. Yet these people, even not beliving in God, still have a conscience and know the difference between right and wrong. They do not believe in heaven nor hell, they do not believe in the soon coming judgment.


Yet they still feel guilty for the wrong deeds like the Christians and the Bible believing people of the world! Isn’t that funny! If God didn’t exist, then you would not have anymore bad conscience and you would never feel guilty ever, because the theory of evolution says that the only reason we are here on earth is to survive and replicate. A guilty conscience is just the proof that God exists and has created all things including putting in men the knowledge of good and evil and a conscience when evil deeds are done’

The difference is that what I see with many evolutionists is that they see God as very evil, vengfull and angry. In the church and the numbers of believers there are two more classes. 1 The Pharisees and the outward religious and 2 The friends of God . The religiousness of many Christians have turned away many millions of people from God. By their judgmentalism, by their angry denunciacion of sin without mercy, by the hypocritical deportment and their belief of salvation bytheir own righteousness is an abomination to God and an offense to Him, and turns away many people from the loving Jesus. Jesus is the friend of sinners. If you think of God as very vengeful and angry you are deceived. God nows that you are a sinner, that you cannot help yourself i sinning. There is no way any human being can overcome sin by himself. This is an impossibility.

Many self righteous people, who do many religious acts to be right with God, are completely deceived on their own condition. In these religious atcs a lot of them have not much to do with the main point of creation: How people treat each other. This is where sin mostly come in.  How do you treat God? How do you teat others? Well this is where the rubber meets the road! Many people in churches are full of pride. Did someone ever go to jail because he is proud? No. Yet this is a very offensive sin in the eyes of God. And pride is what caused the fall of Satan! In pride, you will not be able to love others because yourself will be in all situations number one and you will be benefiting yourself before others. God loves you. You are the most percious thing God has on this earth. God thinks about you all the time. If you would fail heaven, this would be a tragedy for Him. He would be sad forever. And you would sadden the gentle, kind and extremely pitiful heart of God forever. Come to Him. With all your defects, God can remedy all your defects of character!

4 Failure of the evolution theory to be science:

Some human beings might say that the theory of evolution is science, but has God given His opinion? Who would be right? If we had God on one side and Darwin on the other side, who would have more knowledge? Who would have more wisdom? Who is all knowing? Who is omniscient? Ho is omnipresent? To come to the conclusion that God does not exist, there is only one solution is if that person claiming sich a thing would have 1_ all knowledge: This human being must have read all the human books, and must have read all the intergalactical books, plus would have have lived millions of years and must have been around when the big bang happened and seen natural selection’s first day of Hudini’s job of changing something into something else. Does such a person exist woul would have all the knowledge in the universe. No. Lets say the most knowledgeable person who ever lived on earth would have 1 of a thousand of one percent of all knowledge. Is it possible that God could exists in the immensity of things he does not know? Who knows if knowledge has no limit? As God is all knowing and infinite, knowledge must lso be infinite, thus human knowledge is extremely small and insignificant.

How then can a human being conclude such a thing as God does not exist? He cannot. Why? Because the facts he has on the subject are extremely pale and too few to conclude anything with sufficient wisdom.

Can we come to conclusion on a country’s economy by looking at a world’s map? No. Can you conclude the music of an arist is bad or good just looking at the cover of his cd? No. Can you come to conclusion about a politician by loking at a picture of him and having this as the only knowledge you have about him? No. Then the same apply with God. Humans do not know enough to conclude God does not exist.

In fact if God is true, cannot He choose to have 40 persons through a 1500 year period write His book? Yes. Could God speak from the sky everyday to all humans instead of having had to write the Bible? Yes. Would that have helped humans develop faith in Him? No. If faith is one of the greatest quality of character to develop to make it in heaven, then it was mandatory for God to hide Himself until the right time at the second coming.

Did man have enough proof of God’s existence? Yes. The Bible says in Romans 1 that no one, including the greatest evolution scientists would have any excuse at the judgment.


Why does God require faith? Because He wants to. Doesn’t He have the right to require faith from human beings as Creator of the universe? Yes. Is this something strange and out of the ordinary. Yes. Yet who ever said that God is like a human? The way things are done here on earth, pride, showing off, selfishness, ungratefulness, unconcerned, ect these traits do not exist in heaven. God is comepletely opposite to pride and showing off. Many people do not believe in God because they think that God is like humans and likes to show off and is proud. If this was the case, yes then God would show off his power.