Everyday God would send an extremely powerful sky fireworks to dazzle the senses. God would appear in Heaven and have the most extreme and amazing show you would have ever seen. Then all the inhabitants of the earth would applause and bow down to Him. Then if anyone would not bow down to Him , God would send an angel to strike them dead instantly!


Yet God is completely opposite. When Jesus’ brothers asked Him ‘Why don’t you show yourself’ We have an amazing indication on who God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are. Jesus had many opportunities to show Himself. In fact Jesus could in an instant have made the most amazing mansion ever build to appear for Him to live. This mansion could have been guarded by billions of angels and Jesus could have thrown billions of dollars throuth the streets and received worship. But this is not the character of God.


The most beautiful thing in the earth are where almost no one lives. Why would God create such beautiful things to me admired by no one? Inside the seas there are quite amazing wonders that no one has ever seen until recently with out technology, and still we have much of the oceans inexplored. Why are these wonders like seas in the midst of seas ect hidden from view? If God loved to show off then these things would be in full view. Jesus choose to have no house of His own. Only one coat and no place to lay his head! What! The Creator of the universe. It is like you are the president of the United states and choose to live under a bridge somewhere in some inner city! Why? Because God is very sweet and humble.


Thus we conclude that as God does not like to show Himself, man has to search for Him. God promises ‘You will seek Me and find Me when you shall search for Me with all your heart.’ God promises you that if you search for Him truthfully and with all your heart, God will reveal Himself to you! Here too we see where no one in the judgment will have any excuse not to have believed I Gid who promises all human beings to reveal Himself to anyone who searches for Him!



Through my debates I have realized that many people I debate with, evolutionists and scientists have a very strong opinion about the Bible . So I ask them: ‘If you know the Bible so well, then explain to me the 2300 days prophecy of Daniel 8:14 No one has been able to explain to me the 2300 days prophecy of Daniel 8:14 And in fact many of them confess never having read the Bible. Then we realize that many persons who believe in the theory of evolution in fact only believe in it because some teacher told them it was true, but they never checked to see what God’s opinion on the origin of the universe is.


So they are unfit to debate the subject of creation versus evolultion as they do not anything about the Bible. On the other side almost every Christian havs a good understanding on the theory of evolution contrary to what evolutionists claim ‘You Christians do not understand the theory of evolution’

In school Christian are required to sit in evolution classes too ad they have the same so called ‘science’ tught to them. So we know well what this so called science is about. But in this matter we as believers in the creation of the world 6000 years ago can judge rightly because we have examined both sides. Evolutionists many times have not examined the Bible, or if they do they do so to find some errors in it and come with prejudiced minds.

In the search of truth that we re doing in the evolution and creation issue, we are searching for the truth. The only way someone can come to find the truth is if they are honest. Dishonesty and lying spirits and minds cannot see the truth nor accept it, because the creation and evolution issue is a truth issue not only a knowledge topic.


Many people tell me, that the Bible says that th earth was flat. This is very important as I have this questions almost every time. Many evolutionists still believe that the Bible says that the earth is flat. This shows their ignorance in the Word of God. The Bible never says that the earth is flat.

Who then said that the earth was flat? The catholic church and some catholic theologians. You see then the Bible says the earth is flat. No. Are catholic theologians the Bible? No. What some Christian do or teaches which is contrary to the Bible is nto to be added to the Bible. God is not responsible to what some catholic theologians teach.


All protestant reformers have taught in fact that the papacy is the antichrist. The members of this organization many times are honest, good ald loyal, but the details of the papacy as taught in Daniel 7 which gives us 7 signs to discover who the antichrist is and Revelation 13 gives us without a shadow of a doubt who the antichrist is.


It is so partly because it has taught many false doctrines like: Mary being God herself an co-redemprix, the pardon of your sins by priest who are only human beings, the mass being the crucifixion of Jesus all over again every time there is a mass. Yet the Bible says that Jesus was offered once for all.


The celibacy of nuns and priest. The Bible says to beware of those who forbid to marry! It teaches the immortality of the soul, limbo, purgatory the 5 star location airpot transit where you will be able to wait for God’s decision on our case! And yes it has taught that the earth is flat.

But the Bible never said that the earth is flat, in fact it says in Is that the earth is round. How could Isaiah know 700 years before the birth of Jesus and 2000 years before modern science found this truth that the earth was round? Did Isaiah had a special machine to find out the earth is a circle? Or was it a revelation from God?


But you say ‘I don’t care because when I get to God’s judgment I will be able to tell Him I believed in Darwin because my teachers ans evolution scientists taught it. And it is not my fault.’ Not so. On earth many people ut the blame of their beliefs on other people, but everyone will be responsible to what they believed for themselves.


Do not trust what your preacher, priest, scientist, teacher says about anything without checking for yourself deeply. This is a very serious matter as your eternal destiny could be lost or won according to what you have believed and what you have received as truth. ‘But why souldn’t I trust what these people who went ot school 10 years say. Aren’t they real scientists and licenced and legally able to explain to the world what science is?’ If this is your thought you must prove why human knwledge is infallible and always right.

 There is no doubt that many things in the medical school are right and in science also. As we have noted above, many things in science books are true. But is something is to be taught, and true, it must be all true. A mixing of true facts and lies and deceptions are very dangerous as most people will receive and believe the lies with the truth without checking for themselves. How many young college students do you think go home after school and check if what the teacher said is true or false? Almost no one. Why? Because most people have an implicit faith on human knowledge as if it could never be wrong.


The age of the earth is being changed every year by evolution scientists. Many things in evolution is being changed periodically. Would this theory be changed at all if it was true and infallible? No. Did God ever need to change the Bible ever? No. Why?


Because the Bible is infallible and has no mistake in it. But who does the evolution toehry need to be changed if it was the truth about the origin of the earth? Darwin talked about spontaneous generations in the orgin of species. Yet abandoned this belief 3 years later when Louis Pasteur told him that such theory is not part of reality and only pure science fiction.


And almost every evolutionist will agree on the fact that many things advanced as scientific truths by the evolution scientists one day are changed later on and discovered to be untrue. Someone told me, if something is taught as truth one day then it si true for the time being as we do not have more knowledge about the subject.


This is dangerous thinking, many people have no problem accepting false information brought about by evolution scientists and they accept them as revealed knowledge even if it has no science behind it. I think any science need to be tested, demonstrated and proven before being taught anywhere.


All these false evolution theoryes have not been proven, nor tested nor demonstrated, but they are taught. Why don’t they wait until they have absolute proof for their theory before they teach it as science? If they can teach any theory that comes to their mind, and as long as theiy are evolution scientists they feel the freedom to do so, this is not science. No one, even any scientist could be able to teach an unproven theory which has no science to back it up as fact until it is proven true, with real data to back it up.


In this case anyone with a fairy tale can come up with it and teach it as long as they have a phd to back their ideas. You will then say ‘Well creation is not seen, no one has seen God creating the universe, yet you want it taught as science’ It is true that the Bible account are only believed by faith. Why? Because God chooses it to be so.


But the same goes for the evolution theory. As the evolution theory is now mixed with real science since 150 years thanks to Darwin, Huxley and club X who did all they could with their influence in Briatin, they have been able to infiltrate science and use a humanistic philosophy ‘Everything came about by chance ad randomness’ to give the meaning of everything we see. Thus they have used the root of the origin of the universe and have changed the creation factor to an invisible force that no one has ever explained nor demonstrated. This genious mechanism or interpretation of all things makes it so now that many young people when they see anyting in nature immediately think ‘It came by chance and natural selection and millions of years’


Before Darwin people saw the same things we see today, lions, dogs, cats, fishes and birds. But these same creatures have now a different originator, instead of having been intelligently created, they have come about by chance randomness and natural selection. We conclude then that it is also something people believe by faith. Why?


What proof have you of anything comeing by chance and randomness? If so, then what is chance? Can chance create anything? Can chance think? Can chance plan anything? Who invented the chance mechanism? Can you show proof of a cat turning into a dog? Do you have all the transition necessary to go from a fish to a bird? No.

Evolutionists say it would take about 150 million changes to go from one specie to another.


So for each fossil of fish we  find, we would be able to find 150 million transition for it to turn into a dog. Where are all these millions of transitional fossils for each specie in the world? That would be unumerable billions of transitionsl fossils for all the species available on earth! Yet out of the 100 millions fossils we have there is not one transitional fossil! Patterson in charge of the British museum who has 50% of all the fossils in the world said ‘If I knew of one single transitional fossil I would have included it in my book. Such a fossil does not exist’ Some people say ‘But fossilization is rare’ That does not change anything. Even if is rare there are no reason we should only find the beginning form and ending form of changes and not the billions of transitions. This is very strange. There is no way evolution can be possible without this proof.


To be fair, for the 100 millions fossils found on the earth today we should have 150 million times 100 million transitional fossils! Where are these transitional fossils? Some people take mostly Lucy, Cro Magnon, Nehanderthal man to be the transitionsl links from monkeys to humans.

It is true that someone found 3 ribs part of a skull and a knee, and they called this Lucy the ancestors of all things. This is the biggest part of the evolution brainwashing because many people have accepted this as revealed truth from the world of science.


Nevertheless we find that they do not tell you that the few bones found from the so called Lucy, the knee and the part of the skull were found 2 miles away! The person who found Lucy says now that they are from two different animals! What got evolutionists is that the knee is a bent knee, and most monkeys do not have bend knee. Most yes, but not all of them.


There are secies of monkeys in Africa who have bent knees. I you take one hundred persons in any major city of the world: Los Angeles, Paris, Mexico city and lign them up, you will find that the skulls from one to another are extremely different. There is no scientific proof that Lucy was a human and many proofs that Lucy’s bones  were from two different monkeys.


The cro-magnons and nehanderthals, neigher were transitions. Coiseau a dentist has studies the bones of the nehanderthals and cro-magnons for fifteen years and has concluded that these bones belong to humans and have nothing of monkeys in them. Well you might say ‘But the skulls are bigger and we can see the backs are bigger’


Many scientists now say that this proves the cro-magnons and nehanderthals were humans with arthritis. If evolution is true and nothing goes in reverse but evolution always goes forward, then humans should have the biggest skulls ever. Why do humans today have smaller skulls than the so called cro-magnons and nehanderthals? There is no way evolution can be true if if never goes in reverse , yet evolutionists teach that these so called ancient man have bigger skulls than humans today!     

5 The main arguments and attitudes given by evolutionists during debates are:

Power of opinion

Judging by apparence

Science vs religion


Going to details

Burden of proof


a)   Power of opinion: my opinion matter so much that I do not need facts to back them up, or the opinions of the evolution scientists are so powerful that they do not need any explanation, you need to accepted them. Why? Because of their diplomas

b)   Judging by apparence: many people do not investigate deep into something but they rely on teachers and the masses to tell them what truth is.

c)   Science vas religion: your belief in creation is not science and cannot be proven, mybelief in evolution is backed up by thousands of scientists who have diplomas and give facts.

d)   Dishonesty and lying: some evolutionists when they see that they are loosing they start to lie and distort the facts and use lying to manipulate their cheriched ideas.

e)   Going to details: in debating evolutionists it often happens that thy will talk long about some tiny detail for the which you might now know anything about thus trying to prove that creation is wrong.


It is important in creation-evolution debates to prove the beginning of things and ask the evolutionists to give proof of 1) Where mater came from 2) Where energy came from 3) Where do laws come from. Among other questions for the which they do not have any response as evolution is a religion but a false one.

f)    Burden of proof: many evolutionists will but the buden of proof on you and ask you to give the facts and ask you to explain as if they detained th truth and trying to show that you are someone who believes in fairy tales. In this it is important to state to them 1) My belief goes back to 6000 years ago, your theory is brand new, only 150 years old 2) Most people on earth today believe in creation 1 billion catholics, 1.5 billion Christians 1 billion Muslims. Then ask them to tell you: Tell me why should the majority believe in this brand new strange theory, and you as the minority have to give the facts on why evolution should be believed



Is personal opinion truth? Many people in these times we are living in think strongly that what they feel, the impressions they have the the feelings they have become truth. This is quite dangerous.The only time when a personal opinion would be true is that it would be backed with proof and facts. Just because someone thinks something, it does not make it true. Now question. Does the opinion of someone in power or someone who if very famous, or someone very powerful make his opinion more believable and true?


For many people in this world they believe what people in power tell them, or rich persons or powerful people. But this power of influence does not make their opinion more true than the opinion of a homeless person. Truth is truth whatever people say. Truth is truth whether no one on earth or in your neibourghood or country believes in it or not. Truth is truth whether all the persons in your country’s government believe in it or not or talk against it or not. ‘Ok the president of my county said this is not true’ So does that mean that Hitler’s was right in killing millions of Jews? No Just because he had an opinion does not make it true. Most people believed Hitler because he was right or because he was in power and admirable speaker? Most people believed Hitler because he was in power and a good speaker. Not because it was true.


Thus we see the deception many people in this world have about truth. Truth for them is all relative. Relative to what they feel at the moment, relative to what their families and friends believe in, relative to what the majority in your country believe in. So we can conclude that this ‘relative truth of circonstances’ is not truth but selfish personal opinion of the moment.


If God exists then truth would come from Him. Man has been placed on earth with the ability to either choose truth and honesty or choose lies and error. Then people would ask. ‘Why would God make it possible for man to lie or not lie?’ ‘Because love can only come throuth choice and if God had created people without the power of choice then as robots there would be no joy in having robot creatures worship you’ 


In this world many win discutions and debates not because they are right, but because of personality or popularity. Or because they believe strongly in their own opinions. Even if this opinion of false. Did Noah win a popularity contest? No. Thus sometimes falsehood sometimes wins. They will point out the facts that most people believe like they do on the evolution side and show you stupid in believing with the minority. Which is not true as most people on earth believe in creation.


People in general will follow a loud mouth even if he is wrong. People generally follow attitudes and someone outspoken. But this not make his opinion true. Knowing that the earth is under the control of Satan, then the powers that be in a great way here follow evil and the populations of the earth are influenced and follow as sheep their false sheperds.



Most people will not look deep into a question but will rely on teachers and what the masses are doing. ‘If most people in my country do it and believe in this, thus it must be right’ or ‘My teacher told me this, thus it must be right’ As if teachers were always right, were all honest all the time and did not have preconceived ideas and knew all things in the universe! 

I was on a place one year ago going back to Florida, and the lady sitting next to me told me: ‘But my teacher told me that the earth is millions of years old.ect…’ Seems like the power of the diploma is far greater in many minds that the power of truth.


People would prefer a lie told by a highly qualified person and will believe it than a great truth told by someone insignificant.

This is where the rubber meets tha rods. The Dover creation-evolution trial was lost by creationists because the evolution side were able to say that the creationists were not science and they were qualified scientists.

Thus the debate can be won when it is shown that evolution is not part of science but evolution has just been added to the science curriculum about 150 years ago, and cannot be procen, tested, nor demonstrated. Thus evolution is not part of science. As science is something we can prove, test and demonstrate.

What did evolution bring to science?

  1. Big bang –

  2. Transition from specie to specie-

c) Geological column-

d) Millions of years –

e) The pangea.

All these things are not part of science as they cannot be proven, tested, nor demonstrated. A good question I often ask is: ‘What did the evolution theory bring to the world of science when it arrived on the world’s scene about 150 years ago? Absolutely nothing scientific.

a)   BIG BANG: Big bang: the only proof for the big bang is that we know that the universe is expanding, and we can calculate at what rate. But this is not proof for evolution at all. It is like saying. I see a car with a licence plate fro California, driving at 40 miles an hour in Chicago, thus I can conclude the car lets from south Los Angeles about 58 hours ago.

We do not know if the car drove always at the same speed. We do not know if the car made stops along the way, we do not know if the car drove very fast then slowed down and left just hours away from the next town.

Thus the big bang is a fake, a complete hoax. God could and did full well after having created the universe, made it to expand at a certain rate. Thus the expansion of the universe started 6000 years ago from a certain point.


b)   SPECIE TO SPECIE: There are no proof whatsoever about all animals that we see today having being transformed into each other and from a single cell to what we see in the earth today. This also is not science but a fairy tale designed to distrust the Bible by diploma power. According the Darwinian evolution all things came from a one cell organism and transformed itself, gradually and very slowly into all things today. The question is: If this has been the case, then we should have ample proof all over the earth of these transitions. And without this innumerable proof, this specie transition can only be believed because of a diploma more than in facts.

Where then can we see proof of billions of transitions anywhere on the earth. The answer is: Nowhere.  The evolutionist Genie Scott from the national center for science education says in her debate with professor Berlinski that it would require if she had to give a number about 150000 changes to go from one specie to another. The truth is that no evolutionist knows how many changes it would require to go from one specie to another.


Thus, how can they know that so many transitions have taken place, if  they do not even know how many would be required to go from specie to specie? Lets say to go from one specie of fish to a bird it would require 150 thousands or 150 millions of transitions. Then if we multiply these transitions with all the species of animals on earth, then if we add the 90% of all species which are already extinct. How many transitional fossils should we then have? Billions upon billions.

The only way these transitions could be proven is that someone would go to a field and lign up all the 150 thousands of millions of transitional fossils one after the other in perfect order. Have you ever seen someone do that? No. Yes in school books there are drawings, and this is where young people are being deceived. But nowhere on earth can someone lign up all transitional fossils from all the species.

Then if we do not have the billions of transitional fossils as absolute proof then the evolution from specie to specie never happened. Evolution only happened in the mind of people never in reality. Evolution only happened in the imagination of the artists who are paid to draw ficticious drawings of some fairy ancient pre-historical world. Do the artists who draw pictures for the school books know exactly how the so called ancient man looked like, or the so called ancient animals looked like? No. So how do these artists know what to draw? They do not know. Some evolutionist bring them a jaw, or a single tooth, or a fragment of a skull, and they tell the artists: ‘Draw me a complete half human half ape creature from this fragment’

Thus the paintings and drawings in school books are complete frauds. There is not a single evidence that this fairy world ever existed. This world only existed in the minds of artists. Can an artist draw a half E.T. half human creature? Totally, there is no limit in the artistic world using the imagination. But since evolution has been added to science, these drawings are that which has deceived millions of young people in doubting the Bible and thus receiving a flood of unbelief and its woeful consequences.

Lucie for example is not really Lucie but fragment of ribs, fragments of a skull and a knee. The knee belongs to a different chimpanzee than the rest of the body. Yet fro these small fragments thousands of drawings have circulated the earth and showed these few bones to be something it has never been. What is the only argument evolutionists have that Lucie would have been part human part ape? The knee, they say Lucie’s knee is bigger than most moneys. That’s all? Just because the knee is bigger, a knee which was found by itself two miles from the rest of the bones! Wow. Then this is no proof at all as in Africa we find chimazees with such knees today.

Where do people get deceived in the transition and narutal selection story? In the ‘Little boys and girls here in the Galapagos we see finches with bigger bics, on this other island we see finches with smaller bics. This little children we have here the proof that all creatures can change from one to another.’ Well this is not true, and this is where most people are deceived into believing in evolution. Just because we see a change in a specie does not mean that this specie will change into another specie. And just because there is a change in one specie does not mean that this change was not produced by God. Yes in fact God has created ‘Natural selection’

We see changes in species, no doubt there are big dogs and small dogs. There are big horses and small poneys, there are big cats and small cats. But the changes in the species that God designed for the survival of the species does not mean that these changes have the power to transform creatures into some other creature. This is purely science fiction. No one has ever seen a cat turning into a dog, except in movies or comic books. This is not science.